Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Pills

How do I know that my happy pills are really working?

I haven’t taken one since Friday morning and I'm freakin' LOSING IT today.

I started to call and refill my prescription Saturday morning, but then I noticed that I don’t have anymore refills. I figured I’d be fine for a couple of days, since Monday was a holiday, and I wouldn’t be able to talk to my doctor until today.

Oh, but the mood started yesterday. I thought it was just because I hadn’t had any alone time in a couple of days and I was just oversaturated.

But it is so much worse today. I woke up stressed and panicked. I’m having a really hard time keeping a tone out of my voice when dealing with people on the phone. It feels like I’m just freaking out on the inside, and I’m using all of the energy I have to suppress that and appear “calm”.

I’m just exhausted.

I remember this feeling. This used to be very common for me. I was wound up for no reason, I had virtually no fuse whatsoever, and it felt like I had chugged four lattes – I could not sit still.

I guess it’s nice to know the pills are actually working, huh?

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