Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Smells Like Change

Picture with me, dear reader, a big ol' vat of promise.  Promise and hope and prosperity and success.  Now picture a gigungus spoon of action.

This spoon has been stirring the pot o' promise for years.  It took big muscles.  And grunting.  But now, the promise is swirling on its own.  The momentum has taken hold and it really doesn't take much muscle to stir this promise anymore.  You just keep the spoon of action in there to keep it moving, not really to mix it.

It's very exciting.

I'm not really sure what happens when you completely remove the spoon.  I'm not sure if the promise goo will get to spinning so fast it will explode and make a mess in the kitchen. 

It's a mystery.

But I'm very intrigued.  Momentum is taking hold in many aspects of our lives and it's hard to hang on.  Kinda feels like the beginning of my relationship with Todd.  Clouds are parting (metaphorically of course - we still live in Seattle) and the sun is starting to just beam.

In addition to all of this momentum, I'm also transferring the blog to WordPress.  Also very exciting.  I still have some work to do, but I just wanted to warn you.  Hopefully, I can combine all of the blogs into one to make it a little more.....efficient.  Cause you know me.  I'm all about efficiency.

I will keep you posted.

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