Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bad Blogger! And Lady Gaga.

I have been such a bad blogger.  I'm so sorry.  I'm keeping myself busy with all of these random projects, but that just means that when I get a chance to sit down and surf, I'm brain dead and can't form a post.  It's a catch 22 really.

Did I ever tell you what I used to eat for lunch in high school?  A small bag of Sour Cream & Onion potato chips, a Little Debbie fudge brownie (with those little chunks of walnuts on top) and a Coke.

Swear ta gawd.  Sometimes I'd have some change so I'd buy the deep fried mozzarella sticks or a slice of cold, square pizza.  It's amazing I was as thin as I was.

I think of this because I'm eating a Subway sandwich and a bag of Sour Cream & Onion chips for lunch today.  And a Diet Coke, thankyouverymuch.

Speaking of eating and my body, I've decided that if I could have any woman's figure, I would choose Lady Gaga's.  I watched her interview with Anderson Cooper before the Grammy's on Sunday and was pleasantly surprised at how normal she is.  Both physically and mentally.  There's one segment in the interview where she's in nude underwear ("I just didn't feel like wearing clothes") and she's normal.  She's not bone thin, or impeccably smooth and tight.  She's your typical female figure.  She's got some butt, and a little round tummy.  I would love to have a little round tummy (as opposed to a large dimpled tummy).  Rather than shooting for 98lbs, maybe I'll shoot for Gaga's figure.  Much nicer.  More natural.

And also, I totally agree with her comment about how changing your name can free you.

I used Raechelle in Kindergarten and first grade in West Virginia.  When we moved to Texas, somehow, my first name stuck.  Brenda.  I was Brenda until I moved to Seattle in 1999.  My sister asked how she should introduce me.  I told her I wanted to use Raechelle.  It was a new city, a new state, a new part of the country, new people, new boys.  Let's just all be new.

And Raechelle I became.

It was very liberating and a bit.....mysterious?  Dangerous?  Secretive?  Rebellious?  Granted, I ended up being the exact same person I was when I was known as Brenda, but Raechelle seems to fit this new life here in the Pacific Northwest.  Now if I move to North Carolina, I may have to call myself BrendaRae.  Ya know, with a twang.

Anywho, I'll try to be a more diligent blogger.  There's stuff that I want to tell you about, I just don't seem to get the time to jot it down.  I need a vocal blogger thing.  I talk to myself all the time.  If I could just record my rambles and have it transcribed onto this here blog, I would blow your minds.  Seriously.

I'll have to work on that...


Lucy Leadskin said...

Really wouldn't worry about frequency of blog posts. You're fine. Me? I post about once a year. "Hi! Still alive! Now go back to your lives."


PS: Lady Gaga is pretty groovy, no matter what anybody says.

mallemaroking said...

I wonder how many people do the name change thing? I was Katherine until 20 when a friend and I decided to change our names. She changed from Betsy to Raven and I became Jesse.
It fits.
Jess :)

Dee said...

Haha, I can't imagine changing my name. That would just be weird for me b/c I'm just me. But maybe if I ever moved away where nobody knew me......anywho, I hate to tell ya - you're not Brenda or Raechelle. Your Bink. :)

Lady Gaga = normal? I'll have to think about that one. :) Love her music though.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, after seeing a couple of interviews with Lady Gaga, I'm a fan. I still get totally disgusted when I see her perform in all her weird stuff, but as a person, she's pretty darn normal if you really listen to her. Sorry, can't really get into her music.....

Love ya, mom