Friday, January 7, 2011

How Hard Was To Come To Work Today?

I am wearing my jammie pants. 

I kid you not.

Okay, they don’t “look” like jammie pants.  They’re drawstring, wide leg sweat pants from Old Navy.  But when I go home and get into my jammies, these are the pants I put on.

I woke up a lot last night and completely slept through my bigass bright light and then just had a really hard time waking up and I just couldn’t stand the thought of wearing jeans or slacks and sitting in that chair all day.  So I convinced myself that my gray sweat pants, with my bright pink hoodie over a white tank top would just hover above the line of “inappropriate”.  I did put on mascara and a necklace, so it all balances, right?

Actually, I’ve seen much more inappropriate in this office.  Spandex leggings with a t-shirt?  Inappropriate.  Dirty sweat pants (complete with elastic around the ankles) and flip flops?  Inappropriate.  Camisole/tank top thingy?  Inappropriate. 

Okay, CB was pregnant when she wore that, and it was 90 degrees out, so I guess I can let the tank top slide.

Actually, I think I look like a hip stay at home mom.  I’ve always admired those mommies that I see in the grocery store at 9am with their hair done and make up on and fashionable sweat suit.  They’re comfy, but they still look good.

I’m comfy today.  And I think I look good.

It’s Friday.  Who cares?

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Anonymous said...

I have those same pants. Love them. Buy them in different colors and then they don't look like sweat pants. I'm wearing black today.