Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lazy Saturday

Our Saturday was completely lazy.  Completely.

Kayleigh and I had a morning date, so we walked down to the Junction at 11am and had a lovely breakfast (and six cups of, not Kayleigh) at the Easy Street Cafe.  It was a long, leisurely time since they're always packed and service is less than speedy.  But that's why we go there.  To dally.

At 1:30pm, we headed back home for the now INFAMOUS Seahawks game!

Holy shit!

No one thought we could do it!  WE didn't think we could do it!  But we FINALLY played some football!  When it freakin' counted!  Go 'Hawks!


Okay, so after the game, we were just sloths.  Lots of TV, more football, nachos for dinner, random crime drama shows, and cuddling.

Todd felt a little left out.  So as soon as Kayleigh went to check her email, he snagged her spot.

Yeah, they can't get enough of the Rae-rae.....

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