Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend Update

The weekend, of course, started off with pizza. But there was no movie tonight! No, no. It was opening night of Todd’s radio play of It's A Wonderful Life, so we had a Friday night field trip. We met Steve, Stephanie and Isabella there, and watched my man play the part of Joseph, the superintendent of the angels. He’s the one who sent Clarence down to help George Bailey.

It was quite a sight. The cast was dressed in 1940’s garb, and Todd was completely clean shaven with a little drawn in pencil mustache.

I miss the beard….

Anywho, after the play we all went home, but Todd and I headed back out to join the cast and crew at Elliott Bay for some post opening night celebrating.

Saturday morning was a relative early morning for me (9am) so that we could get a jump start on Christmas errands – Fred Meyer, Payless Shoes, The Dancing Shoe and Rite Aid.

And I don’t know if I didn’t eat enough beforehand, or if my nerves were particularly frayed that day, but after getting completely stressed out at Fred Meyer, I ended having a brief shit fit at Rite Aid because there were just too many people and they were all in my way and I am NOT WAITING IN THAT LINE TO BUY A STRING OF LIGHTS AND GARLAND!

Todd sent me to the car while he paid.
Which was just fine.

And then we went straight home.

Todd needed to rest up for his Saturday night performance and I needed to curl up on the bed and be alone. ThorNton Creek was playing in Fremont, and I had every intention of going since it was a 6pm show, but after weighing the decision of leaving the house for about an hour, I decided to stay in. Kayleigh was at Lydia’s until 9ish, Tyler was staying the night with Gavin and Michelle, and Todd was at his play.

So I made a brief run to the store (which just reiterated my need to stay away from any and all people)  for supplies (brie, wine, ice cream) and had a lovely evening by myself, eating cheese, drinking wine and wrapping Christmas presents while watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

It’s so cheesy, and so predictable, but I love this movie. Always good for a laugh.

When Todd got home, we watched the first episode of Dexter Season 4, then we went to bed. Cause we were exhausted.

Sunday started with banana walnut pancakes and bacon.

I love my husband SO MUCH.

Todd had a performance at 3pm, so he was going to be gone most all afternoon, and I had it all laid out in my head what I needed to do that day - take Kayleigh shopping for some teenager supplies, take Tyler shopping for a new stocking and hat (after Saturday, it seemed to be best if I took the kids in two different trips), then stop by Trixie’s holiday open house sometime between 1 and 4. Then figure out something to make for dinner.

But Tyler spending the night with Gavin and Michelle the night before put a snafu in that plan. I needed to pick him up from the ferry. Which ferry? Didn’t know yet. What time? Don’t know, they’re going to call.

So I got myself together and ready and waited to hear what I was supposed to do.

I could never work a job where I had to be on-call. I can’t plan being on-call.

I finally got word that Tyler would be arriving on the 1:40pm ferry, downtown. Well okay fine. We have a plan. But now, do I take Kayleigh with me to pick up Tyler, then bring Tyler home and take Kayleigh shopping? Or do I leave Kayleigh, pick up Tyler, take Tyler shopping, bring him home and get Kayleigh?

Do I really want to try taking them both? At the same time?

Seeing as how it was already 1:15pm, I opted to suck it up and take both kids. At the same time.

Kayleigh and I picked up Tyler at the downtown ferry dock (and thank goodness I took her – she jumped out of the car and went to physically retrieve Tyler), then the three of us headed to Target.

And it wasn’t too bad. We got some Christmas presents and teenager supplies taken care of, then even went one step further and popped into Barnes & Noble to look for a few more things.

We were home at 3:30pm, so I made a grocery list (Kayleigh decided on baked spaghetti for dinner) and started out to the store. But then, I thought, Trixie’s holiday open house is still going on for another 30 minutes! And it’s just right down the street from Safeway! I could just pop in for a minute to show my loyalty!

And I did. And it was lovely. Most people were leaving at that time, so I got some nice one on one conversation with her and even had a small glass (or two) of wine. At 5pm, I decided I really did need to get to the grocery store and get home to make dinner. Trixie sent me home with lots of leftovers – cake, cookies, wraps, wine. I told her I needed to come by more often.

So, on to the store for dinner fixins and then home to actually fix the dinner, with Kayleigh’s help. Until she got frustrated because she felt like she couldn't do anything right. Which I totally understand and I told her that’s why I don’t cook more often.

We watched Date Night, with Tina Fey and Steve Carrell while we ate. I probably wasn’t supposed to like it because it was very silly, but I laughed my ass off. I love Tina Fey.

And suddenly, it’s bedtime.

Thank goodness.

Despite having a bit more energy with my new pills, I still love bedtime. Curling up in a big bed, snuggling up with Todd and/or Tom. Just chatting and not thinking about laundry or what to make for dinner or what bills I need to pay. That is my official off time. If I’m in that bed, I am Off Duty.

Which is why I like to sleep until 11am.

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