Monday, December 6, 2010

Please Help - Do You Know These Doggies?

From West Seattle Blog

Such a sad story.

These poor dogs have been running loose in West Seattle for, what may be, a week now.  They're following the same route, down by Alki Beach, up to California Avenue.  People have tried coax them into cars and get them out of the road, but they're skittish and appear to be headed for a destination.

The West Seattle Blog has posted this story, to see if anyone knows these dogs, but no one has come forward yet.  I can't believe no one lives next door to these guys, or is friends with the owner.  Someone must know where they live.  They just look so lost and pitiful.  Rumor has it the gray and white one is huge.

To my Seattle readers - can you help?  Maybe there are people in the area who are friends with the owners?  Maybe some different neighborhood bloggers could post the picture of the dogs on their blogs and ask for help?

I don't want to be a drama queen, but I have to wonder if the owner is okay.......

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