Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Couple of Random Thoughts

We have a woman in our cube farm who screams when she sneezes. I mean SCREAMS. I told Mr. Cranky Non-Decorating Coworker that one of these days she was really going to be in trouble and no one would help her – we’d all just yell “Bless you!”

Also, Steph says that your sneeze is indicative of your orgasms.
Just FYI.


I’ve gotten many flattering and wonderful compliments on my new haircut. Thank you guys so much.  However, I’m not so sold on it. My hair is too thick for this many layers and it just feels like a helmet.

Which made me think of this as I was leaving for work this morning:

This is how I think I look.
But with brown hair instead of a green lime.  Same shape, though.


There are certain bands or musicians that represent certain periods of my life. When I hear The Cardigans, I think of meeting Todd. I think of the break up when I hear John Mayer. Willie Nelson makes me homesick. And the Waifs make me think of summer. There are so many more I could name….

And now I have a new band to add to this list. Mumford and Sons will forever make me think of Autumn. They are an English band, but have this dark, driving Scottish beat (complete with banjo, accordion and fiddle) . Their lyrics are soulful and their harmonies remind me of a gospel choir. It’s a full, warm, enveloping sound.

I finally listened to the whole album today, and I have to say, there isn’t a track on there I don’t love.

They are an awesome band. And it should be noted that Tyler turned both me and Todd onto them. Go Tyler.


Is it too early to decorate for Christmas?


Anonymous said...

You have another new haircut???

And no, it's not time to decorate for Christmas!!! I'm not even bothering this year - no one sees it anyway, what with living in the boonies....


Kristin said...

I wanna decorate for Christmas too!!! I honestly don't think I can wait another week. I'm going to check out that band...