Monday, November 8, 2010

Flashback from Hell

There's a lot of candy in my office.  Obviously.  I've contributed to the pile, as well.  The pixie sticks were trapped at the bottom of the candy bowl on Halloween, so we had a ton left over.  As well as Smarties, Starburst and Candy Money.  Which are just really big Smarties.

Anywho, one of my coworkers came by to grab something, and she, Mr. Cranky Non-decorating Coworker and I all started talking about candy from our youth.  This woman loved Black Cows, the chocolate version of Slo Poke.  I don't think I ever had one, but after hearing her talk about them ("We just suck and suck on 'em before dinner, then put them down in the wrapper until after dinner.  Girl, those things last a week!") I looked them up. 

After she left, Mr. Cranky Non-decorating Coworker and I started reminiscing and then I had that WHACK of a memory, and asked him "Have we talked about those Pepto Bismol pink mint Christmas candies?"  He said, "Oh yes.  Weren't they Brach's?"

YES.  My mother used to set out this bowl of pink, round disks that looked all soft and chewy, but when you put them in your mouth, they were minty chalk.  And quite gross.

Sorry, mom.

So, on my tour of vintage candy, I found the pink mints.  Actually, they're called Brach's Wintergreen lozenges.

What the frick? Were they billed as mints back then?  Or did mom just want to prevent sore throats?

Either way, just looking at them gives me the willies....

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Anonymous said...

Mom doesn't even remember them!