Thursday, July 1, 2010

Exactly What Is The Lesson Here?

Ya ever had one of those days where you wonder just what the hell the Universe is trying to do to you? You start to think you’re being punished for something or wonder if there’s a lesson to be learned.

Take Wednesday, for example.

Todd made iced tea yesterday afternoon. I opened the fridge later to find the iced tea on it’s side and iced tea in both drawers and running out under the fridge. So, I take the drawers out, sop up the floor with paper towels, and notice that the tea has run under the mat by the back door. So, I pick up the mat….but it sticks to the floor. And when it finally does come up, oh my god, the stench. Apparently a bio bag had sat on it at one point and leaked. And the floor was soaked. Still. So, the mat drips everywhere (including on me) and I throw it out back and I get more paper towels to sop that up. Then I get a bucket of Pine Sol to wash the floor but it appears that the ick has run under the fridge. So, we move the fridge and oh god, more stench. After scrubbing the floor I look around and realize those drips are everywhere (and there are drips from the drawers I pulled out of the fridge) so I figure I might as well mop the whole damn floor.

I move everything out of the kitchen and get the only bucket I can find, which is a smidge too small for the mop (this was my first mistake – using a mop. I usually strap on my knee pads and wash the floor by hand) but I’m careful and just dip the mop in as far as I can while it’s folded (one of those fan flapper maps that you use the handle to squeeze it and get the water out).

Only my hand is wet so the mop lets loose and flies open, thus breaking the plastic bucket and sending the water out onto the kitchen floor.

So, not only do I have stench and drips everywhere, I have a huge puddle of Pine Sol water. So, I use paper towels to sop up the Pine Sol water, which feels ironic.

I go through a roll of paper towels sopping up the water, then after digging around for 15 minutes, find another bucket that will actually accommodate the mop (I’m tired and frustrated and not willing to get on the floor at this point). So, I finally get floor mopped and the stench is starting to dissipate and we are finally ready to cook dinner.

Fried chicken.

Which means I have to spray down the stove, the countertop and floor in front of the stove after dinner because there is grease everywhere.

I am so done.

But the highlight for today? Aside from being a mere one day away from vacation?

CB and I are going to see Eclipse tonight at the grown up theater. With adult beverages. Despite how much you hate the Twilight series, it makes for a fun girly evening.


Note: Number of times I used “So,” in this post = 10.


Anonymous said...

Just getting you read for vacation. I promise I won't make you scrub my kitchen floor at all while you're here!

love ya, mom

Anonymous said...

Hope you didn't sit next to the two grown women I had to shush (on July 5th), who were talking in regular voices during the previews - I like to watch previews in silence, imagine that - and who texted for several minutes at a time, during the show. After I said nicely "Ladies, we are having a hard time hearing" one had the absolute gall to snidely say to me "We are soooo sorry we are bothering you. Perhaps there are *other* seats..." implying *I* should move! Next time I will ask the usher to *show* them those other seats. Manners of jackels... MIffed - Sharon P.S. Have a wonderful vacation!!! And thanks for sending us sunshine today.