Friday, July 2, 2010

Random Pre-Vacation Thoughts

Dear Mother Nature,
Come on!! Really? Rain, 50 degrees? Really?! What’s wrong, honey? I hope you’re okay. I hear that next week you’re going to give us 75 degree weather. That’s more like it! Not that I care, because I’ll be in West Virginia in 85 degree weather and brilliant sunshine, but I’d like my friends here to have some summer weather, too.

Get well soon,


CB and I went to see Eclipse last night (I am not ashamed!) It was still cheesy (“I’ll never love anything more than Edward!”), and Edward still talks through a clenched jaw, and Bella still has no personality, but it SO MUCH better than the last two movies. SO MUCH BETTER. Vampires actually had their arms and heads ripped off. Granted, there was no blood at all (except when dufus cuts her self on purpose), but still – there was death. Right on.

And when Jacob was carrying Bella through the woods, I leaned over to CB and asked “How could one possibly refrain from kissing his neck?” (unless you’re married because I’m married and I would NEVER kiss a 17 year old boy’s neck. Because I’m MARRIED. And I could go to jail. And I’m married.)

That boy looks like he’s been Naired from the neck down. He is as smooth as a baby’s butt.  (Notice I did not show you any gratuitous six-pack shots?  Because that would make me a pervert and MY HUSBAND would be very unhappy with me.  Because I am married.)


And speaking of Twilight, Jenn at Jennsylvania is freakin' brilliant.  For your entertainment, she uses her Twilight action figure dolls (swear ta gawd) to act out her version of the movie for you.  She did this with New Moon, too.

I want to be this woman's friend.  I want to have drinks with her.  I love how her brain works. 

You must read the post.  Even if you don't know the story.  You must.


This picture is very familiar to me:

Tom likes to sit on my chest while I’m reading, then he’ll lick my face.
And we wonder why I’m sneezing my head off all day.

Oh, but the kitteh is so worth it.
Love my kitteh. And going to miss my kitteh terribly while we’re on vacation. Todd says I can’t take him with me. Hmph.


Speaking of vacation, I leave with you a haiku.

Off to warm country
Mountains, creek, family and rest
Already dread return

Do not fear, dear reader.  I'm sure I'll blog from West Virginia.  You know how I love to share my vacations (and pictures) with you.

Until next time....

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Dee said...

Why does everyone feel they need to be ashamed b/c they like the Twilight series?? I don't get it. The books were awesome. Ok the movie Twilight was terrible but New Moon was an improvement and I just saw Eclipse last night and loved it. I am not ashamed either! :)