Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Busy Weekend Update

I forgot to actually post this on Tuesday.  Foot!


Friday started our weekend off a bit messy. There’s was miscommunication about Kayleigh’s plans, then a family meeting about expectations during the summer (i.e. I expect you to help out around the house more since you have no responsibility and get to sleep in late while I have to get up early and sit in a cube all day and I really don’t think it’s fair that I still have to put your dishes in the dishwasher when I get home) then Kayleigh left and it was time for pizza a movies but the movie Vampires was pan and scan and my director hubby will have NONE OF THAT so we watched the BluRay version of Road Warrior.

And then I fell asleep while Todd stayed up and played.

Saturday was shopping. I picked my friend CB up at 11:30am and we headed to the big Goodwill downtown. She’s pregnant and doesn’t want to spend a lot of money for maternity clothes, so we made a day of it. And boy howdy, it was a long day. I got home at 5:30pm. Whew.

I was hoping for lots of summer clothes, but came away with three sweaters (including a black, cashmere cardigan for $5 – SCORE!), a dress, a pair of capris and a top. Woohoo.

That evening was Ann’s birthday party, along with her twin sister’s, at a swanky club/bowling alley in Bellevue. So Todd and I made the trek over to eat, drink, bowl and be merry. Well, we didn’t bowl. We were just merry.

Sunday, was (GASP!) even more shopping! Gotta get ready for the hot weather of West Virginia (5 more days!). For some reason, I was awake at the ungawdly hour of 8am, so the hubby and I were out the door by 9am. We got our coffee and headed to Target. Which proved to be so much more productive than Goodwill. Capris that fit perfectly (so I bought two pair), a peasant top that was uber comfortable (so I bought two), a bright, thin hoody (perfect for just the slight chill of the mountains) and even another comfy top. Good stuff.

After Target, we hit a couple of places in Southcenter, but didn’t have has much luck and we were wearing pretty thin by the time, so we called it a day. At 1:30pm. Todd dropped me off at Steph’s to help her with some house stuff, then Steph took me home and I got cleaned up in time for dinner with the Grismore’s, who were in town. And after dinner, Tyler wanted to watch Tombstone (the best movie EVER).

At about 10pm, it was getting a little too late for me and the movie still wasn’t over, so I excused myself and went to bed early. All that shopping really takes it out of you, I guess.

We have just a few last minute errands to run before we fly out Friday night. And then! Let the vacation begin…..

Yeah, baby.

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