Friday, June 11, 2010

Random Friday Thoughts

The maintenance lady here in my office just came around with her duster. We’ve talked about Swiffers before, and then two months ago, the building started scheduling dustings. I was not impressed by the first dusting. And now I know why.

The lady used her duster to dust a little here, and dust a little here. She never moved anything – she just hit the spots on the desk that were bare.

Um. That’s not dusting. That’s not really even making an effort.

When I dust my cube, I remove everything in sections. Start up high (the shelves, the posters), then work your way down. I do every inch of the desk and then use my disinfecting wipes (that smell like lilacs) to really wipe down the areas where my hands are all the time, or that specific spot where I eat my lunch. I use the compressed air to blow out my keyboard, and I have these premoistened Q-Tip thingies that clean in between the keys, and work pretty well on the phone buttons.. Then I use my new handy dandy carpet sweeper and get up all of my granola bar crumbs and anything else that was swiffered off my desk and onto the floor.



It’s supposed to be 75 degrees here tomorrow.

Yeah, right. I believe it when I se…feel it. It’s 62 right now and rainy. Where is summer?


We have more filming this weekend. Two more days of waking up way too early, then standing around while the shots get set up, then eating cookies. But the light at the end of the tunnel (aside from the kickass video that we’re making) is that we wrap at the bar on Sunday.

And that is why Rae-rae took Monday off.


I am attending the ballet tonight with my sister-in-law, Sara.
Look at me! Gettin’ all cultured and crap.


I really just want to curl up with Tom, though. Something about sitting in cube for eight hours just exhausts me. And makes my tushy hurt.


Have I told you that my buddy, CB, is preggers? Yep. And clueless, despite having a 15 year old son. When she told our co-worker finally, he squealed with glee (just like expected) and then asked, “How far along are you?!”

CB looked at me.

“Seventeen weeks, woman! You’re at seventeen weeks!”

I have her week marked every Friday on my Outlook calendar. And I send her the weekly post about her baby’s progress from the website Pregnancy Guide Online.

At fourteen weeks, I reminded her to step up her fiber since her hormones have relaxed and it may cause constipation.

I think I may have crossed a line at that point.


What’s my biggest pet peeve right now?  Aside from the phrase "I KNOW!", complete with that high pitched whine?

When people leave their cell phones out on their desks and they are NOWHERE around when it rings. I have to listen to gansta rap, Bach, wind chimes, tropical birds cawing and the Star Spangled Banner all freakin’ day.

If it is so important that you must have your cell phone on top of your desk all day, by gawd, take it with you when you go to the kitchen or the bathroom.


And another thing!

Turn that ringer on your desk phone down! Every time that damn thing rings, I jump a foot off my chair. You don’t need it that loud! You’re sitting RIGHT THERE! Are you hard of hearing?

I am not a mean person, so if you are hard of hearing, may I suggest a hearing aid? We have very good health insurance, and it’s probably covered. I’ll look into that for you.


Okay. I’ve had enough fun for today. I’m outta here.
Happy weekend!


Mack said...

great post

Lucy Leadskin said...

I lol'ed.


Kristin said...

The cell phone thing drives me nuts too. Put it on vibrate people! It's not rocket science!