Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It’s Like Leaving Camp

Sunday night was the wrap party for the video we’ve been shooting. There was lots of champagne (oy) and beer and laughter and drunken people (okay, just Raechelle) caught on camera.

When we talked to JD yesterday, he said it was like leaving camp. You want to go home, but then again, you don’t. We’ve been hanging out with pretty much the same group of people for the last two weekends. It’s a bit sad that we won’t be hanging out this coming weekend. I asked Todd, “Now what do we do? What can we shoot next?” Todd said let him actually get this video done, and then we’d do another project.

Although, I have to say, I am looking forward to sleeping past 7am this weekend.

Saturday was ninja day. The ninja (yes, that the plural. Ninjas is just wrong. Trust me.) were hysterical. Great guys who love playing dress up and flinging swords. Kyle (of Kirby Krackle) came by to watch and was uber impressed. Which helps, when the video is for him.

(The ninja, just hangin’)

(Me, being fierce while standing in for JD)

And Sunday was the bar scene. We had the whole set of actors there and spent most of the day in a basement bar. While it was 75 degrees outside. We had to block out the two nice daylight windows, for lighting purposes, so there was no breeze and a ton of lights, and a ton of bodies and oh my gawd, the drinking was good at the end.

AND I had my official debut as an actor. I was a barmaid. I walked on set, passed out two drinks, picked up two empty glasses, then walked offset. I think I have enough for a resume now. Maybe I should think about headshots?

(Me and makeup artist and costumer, The Gore Sisters)

After cutting loose and partying with the cast and crew Sunday night, Rae-rae was looking forward to sleeping in Monday morning, maybe only waking before noon because she had to either pee or eat. Something very important like that.

However, the Universe was not down with that plan, so I was awake at 7am and up out of bed at 8am. Shoot me. But I woke up happier than I had been in a really long time. It was nice to just lounge in my jammies, have some coffee, cuddle with my husband and go about my day in a leisurely I-ain’t-got-a-damn-thing-to-do kind of way. Okay, I did clean up the kitchen. But that’s it! I got a lot of Tom cuddle time, and a couple of short naps and even a few minutes of reading in the sunshine (then the sunshine said “Screw this! We’re not in some tropical paradise, you silly pale woman! BRING ON THE BLACK CLOUDS!)

Our calendar is considerably empty for the next couple of weeks, and that is a-okay. That’s more time to prepare for our upcoming trip to West Virginia.

And I cannot wait.

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