Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy (belated) Memorial Day

Get it?  Red, white and blue?
I'm all about the desserts.

I know this is a late post, but let me catch you up, briefly.

Saturday, sleeping in.  Morning walk.  To breakfast.  Then to the pet store for raw food and better kibble for the kitties.  Then carpooling with Steve, Stephanie and Isabella to Tacoma for our friend Morgan's "soft opening" of his new cafe.  Go Morgan!

And Saturday night, blah.

Sunday, cleaning.  Power walk to the farmer's market with Stephanie.  Briefly lose Stephanie and freak out.  Open houses with Stephanie.  Grocery shopping.  Miles over.  Kids retreat, grown ups watch Brothers.

A note about this movie - holy crap.  What a freakin' amazing film.  And the little girl who plays Isabelle steals the show.  Highly, highly recommended.  But you only need to watch it once.  Whew.

Monday, big breakfast.  Crepes, berries and bacon.  Yum.  Then Kayleigh wanted to make cookies.

A note about Kayleigh and her cookies - this girl is not deterred.  If I have to do more than throw shit in a bowl and mix it up, I don't make the cookies. Too difficult.  Too much effort.  But Kayleigh picks out a recipe that looks yummy and without bothering to read the entire instructions, declares these are the cookies we are making!

Then we start and as we read the instructions, we see the dough needs to chill for two hours.  D'oh!  That is not a step you can skip.  I learned that during Cookie Fiasco 2006.  Okay, so we chill the dough.  Then you roll the dough in to balls, make a dent in them, bake them, the pour the melted caramels and whipping cream into the dents.

Wait.  We have to melt caramels with whipping cream?  Have you ever tried to manage melted caramels?  Pain in the tushy.

But totally worth it.

Those cookies are amazing. 

Then Lydia came over, I made homemade lasagna, and we watched some Buffys (Buffies?).

And then, some Tom cuddling.

A happy long weekend, indeed.

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Kristin said...

I actually saw Brothers a couple weeks ago and thought the same thing as you - that little girl completely stole the show. Such an amazing little actress! Blew me away.