Friday, May 21, 2010

I Think My iPod is Dying and My Heart is Going to Explode

Those two statements are not related.

But I am very sad about my iPod. I got it in 2006, and I hear the Nanos only last about four years, so it makes sense that it’s time to replace it. I have a 4GB right now, so I’m thinking I may upgrade to a 16GB. Those hold 4000 songs. Wow.

And yes, I consider my iPod a necessity. That’s all I listen to in my car, and at work, and when I jog.


I don’t jog.

But I walk semi-briskly, so the iPod comes in handy for that, as well.

And regarding my exploding heart, CB begged me, BEGGED me to go to Starbucks with her this morning. And since I’m insecure and will give into peer pressure just so people will like me, I went. I had already finished my one (big tumbler) cup of coffee and really didn’t need anything else, but how to do you go to a coffee shop and NOT get coffee? I asked her if she thought my heart would explode if I got a big ass latte and she assured me I would be fine.

I am seriously doubting her right now.

Happy Friday!

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Lucy Leadskin said...

1 - Just get a 160GB iPod. You're both music-lovers - you need the space! (Plus you can dump video to it.)

2 - You know they've invented decaf, right? :D