Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Quick Weekend Update

We haven't had a weekend this jam packed full of goodness in months!

After Aloha Friday, my hubby picked me up from work and we headed to Jamie's new pad for an Art Walk Cocktail (couple of) hour(s).  It was lovely.  And there was lovely champagne.

We got home in time to still order pizza and watch Avatar.  Tyler and I hadn't seen it yet.  It was okay.  Kind of like FernGully on steroids.  It's the same story - big bad bulldozers come in and tear up the beautiful forest.  Poo.  There were interesting aspects of the story.  But I don't need to see it again.

Saturday, we were up bright and early to be picked up by Steve and Stephanie for the University District Street Fair.  Steve's old band played at 10am and then Thornton Creek played at noon.  At the SAME stage.  Which meant we didn't have to leave the comfort of our little corner.  Love it!  That's the only way to do the street fairs.  I can't handle the crowds.  All of the Millers were there, even Steve's mom.  Everyone hugged everyone, and at one point, I said to Todd "Little did you know, when you married me, you got the Marshes AND the Millers!"  I'm so glad he likes them and they like him.

And after the street fair, back home to finish up the yard work that Tyler started (he was off with Miles, downtown, seeing Iron Man 2).  And boy howdy, it was hot.  After mowing some edges, weed eating, trying to edge, sweeping up and then moving planters, I was just done. 

Oh, but the fun's not over yet!!

After cleaning myself up and tidying up and running to the grocery store, Lydia arrived, then Miles and Tyler got home, then Steve and Steph came back over for dinner and to watch Hedwig and the Angry Inch.  Steph hadn't seen it.  EVERYONE needs to see that movie.

And then, exhaustion and bed.

Sunday!  Off to Bellingham to celebrate May birthdays!

We hung out Todd's whole family for the afternoon, and had awesome ribs and chicken and potato salad and then homemade ice cream with strawberries and angel food cake.  Yeah, baby.  And once home...um... I really can't remember.  We had tortellini, I remember that part.

And then Monday.  Tyler's 16th birthday.  And Todd gave himself a concussion.

It was an eventful day.

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