Friday, April 23, 2010


I have accidentally created a problem for myself.

I saw this story and video on Komo4 this morning, and just about teared up. A German Shepherd leads police to a house fire through winding country roads.


When they’re not biting me.

(Yes. A 100lb chow. When I was 14. And I have the scars to prove it.)

Anywho, after seeing this story, I tortured myself by going over to craigslist (we love craigslist!) and looking for a German Shepherd. Because our little 940 square feet main house, with four people and two spastic cats just isn’t full enough!

Listed in the Pets section of craigslist was an posting for the Northwest German Shepherd Rescue (that's where these pictured doggies are from).

Oh, kill me now. Such pretty puppies. And some of them are older, which is just heartbreaking. I want an older dog who just wants to lay at me feet and take slow walks around the block. I don’t have the energy for a young, active dog, but I’d love to take care of an older one. Give him a home to just curl up in.

I emailed mom and told her she and dad needed a couple of these for their three acres. She said Goober is already enough responsibility. She can’t just pick up and take off because the damn cat won’t eat dry food – only nice, fancy stuff – so he needs to be fed while they’re gone.

(Well, whose fault is that, mother?)

So, I can’t adopt the doggies. And mom and dad can’t adopt the doggies.

Can you adopt the doggies? The poor doggies need homes!


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Kristin said...

I'm with ya sister!

And don't forget to have your pets spayed or neutered to help keep the number of doggies that need homes down!

I will be giving multiple doggies homes, as soon as I have a nice big yard for them to play in...