Friday, April 16, 2010

Birthday Vacation

We were uber productive yesterday!

We we made a quick run down to Southcenter (after some bigass lattes), then back home to get the cottage cleaned up and ready for Gordon and Heather, who were coming up for Heather's surprise birthday trip. We put the rug down, crammed everything in the storage room, stocked the kitchen with teas and dishes, and set up the little basket with the lotions and soaps in the bathroom. By 4:30pm we were all done, and got cleaned up and ready for dinner.

We had a splendid dinner at Wild Ginger, then saw Florence and the Machine at the Showbox. It was an all ages show, so Kayleigh joined us and stated afterward, "That was the best concert EVER!" And this is the girl who saw the Police as her very first concert. Quite a statement.

Florence has the pipes:

And the stage presence:

She's tiny and 24 years old. I hate her.
But I love her.

This morning, we got up and went to brunch with Gordon and Heather, who met us at the Florence show, down at the Alki Cafe. Afterwards, they went off to do their own thing, and Todd and I first hit the Seattle Schools enrollment center, then headed on to Crate and Barrel to spend some gift cards. We ended up with new, matching white bowls and a couple of lovely wine racks to go in the new barmoire.

This afternoon, Todd got the stemware racks in and the barmoire set up, while I went off to get a birthday manicure. And this evening, Tyler went off to a movie with Miles and to stay the night so Todd, Kayleigh and I watched New Moon and mocked it the whole way through. Fantastic.

And then, poopedness. It's time for bed.

But tomorrow is a special birthday guitar night at Steve and Stephanie's!

I must wear my tiara.

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Lucy Leadskin said...

I have a RiffTrax version of "New Moon". Lemme know if yer interested.

And happy belated birthday!