Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weekend Update

Gavin came over for Friday night movies and pizza. He brought over Repo! The Genetic Opera. The only thing that made me sit down to watch this movie was the fact that it had Anthony Stewart Head (Giles from Buffy) and Paris Hilton in it. It was sick, but good. And Paris has found her calling as a selfish, vain, singing tramp. She was great.

Then Gavin and Todd did some brotherly bonding and watched the Red Dwarf movie while I curled up in the bedroom and reconciled the checking accounts. Fun stuff.

Saturday, Todd and I were up and out early to get coffee and do a little shopping. I needed vacuum cleaner and bags and there is one store that sells them (or I could order them from Amazon, but I like going into the vacuum cleaner store and oogling the new vacuums).

Then back home to be domestic. I think I cleaned. Oh, and we did a big grocery shopping trip. That’s right.

Then dinner, then a movie. Tyler was sleeping and Kayleigh had a friend over and Zadra her cousin was visiting for a while, so the girls holed up in K’s room to be girls, and Todd and I watched Humpday.

Excellent movie. And almost entirely improvised. The director gave them the gist of the scene and the actors talked. It was very natural and very funny.

And then, bed.

Sunday, we woke up relatively early to make pancakes and bacon. And on a whim, I called Stephanie and Steve to see if they wanted to come over for breakfast. They weren’t home, so I left a message, but a few minutes later, Steph called back and asked, “Is the offer still good?!”

So, they came over for coffee and pancakes and just hung out for a couple of hours. The men talked about the wireless set up and Todd’s broken guitar and Steph and I went out to the cottage to start organizing the storage room. When they had to leave, Todd joined me, and we were most productive. We moved things from the house out there, and some things back into the house. We’re still just trying to figure out what things we’ll need to access semi-regularly and what things can be packed back into a corner.

However, we now have more crap in the dining room than we did before Sunday. How did that happen?

Anywho, we brought ourselves to a halt early and made a Target run for some supplies. And new shower liners for the claw foot tub. This time we got linen liners. Now I can just wash them when they start to get yucky, rather than throwing them away and buying new ones. The shower looks like it has actual curtains now! I don’t think we need to get decorative curtains. I think the liners are fine. Simple.

We still need to paint that white splotch behind the shower. One day.

That evening, Todd made the best dinner yet. Pork chops.

Before you start with me, mother, these were not the kind of pork chops you used to make for dad. Those were tiny. And dry. And crispy. I liked the ones with the bones, the ones before the tiny ones. But these that Todd made were big and plump and he used molasses or brown sugar or something and good gawd, they were yummy.

We also had baked potatoes (which are great if you load them up with sour cream, cheese and bacon bits. Which I did. Twice. Because once you eat the top layer off, you just got potato. And that bores me.) and green beans. Home cookin’! In my own home!

Because my husband cooked.
I’m a bad wife.

While we ate, we watched Mrs. Brown. Great movie. Dame Judi Dench as Queen Victoria and Billy Connolly as one of her personal servants. They are both such incredible actors, you’re just sucked in and right there with them.

And then, bed.

And this evening, I am having flirtinis and sushi with Jamie, whom I haven't seen for a few months. Funny how life kind of gets away from you sometimes. I am very much looking forward to talking about shoes and undies while having 'tinis. Yum.

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Anonymous said...

Now some of us would say that if you have your husband cooking, you are a *great* wife! He works from home and doesn't have the commute, right? Stands to reason he has more time to cook then. :) Consider though, the story I was raised on: My Gran told her hubby she couldn't cook and so he did, and worked full time, for the first 6 months of their marriage, until her sister ratted her out. But for a while there, she was in hog heaven! (via Sharon)