Friday, April 2, 2010

Peace Love and Fireworks

I don't much care for 4th of July fireworks, except for the ones my brother sets off in the cornfield in West Virginia, as he's cursing under his breath, with a lit cigarette dangling from his lips.

The big production here, that happens at over Lake Union, is a little too loud and they go on a little too long and it's normally pretty chilly by the time they start and I'm just ready to go to bed. I've gone to Gas Works Park a few times and watched them, but that was enough. I'm good now.

Well, this year the fireworks were cancelled. Washington Mutual was the sponsor for eight years after they went under, the company who puts on the display couldn't find a sponsor. No one was willing to foot the bill - $500,000. And people were upset. Because, apparently, they actually like the fireworks.

So Tom Douglas and Dave Ross challenged local business to pledge money, to keep the fireworks going. And whadya know? A day later, the $500,000 goal was reached.

Starbucks and Microsoft were a huge driving force, each pledging $125,000. And Nordstrom donated $25,000 and Renton Concrete Recyclers donated $2,000 and a woman named Heidi donated $1,500. You can see the whole list here.

I am tickled.

No, I don't care if the fireworks happen or not, but I'm tickled that those people who do love the fireworks (and have the money) stepped up to ensure they happen. They didn't sit by bitching and moaning about there's not going to be any fireworks, and that just sucks and why doesn't someone do something?!

They made it happen. A bunch of people and businesses came together, gave some money and now they get their fireworks.

I think that's beautiful.

I won't get to see these lovefest fireworks because we'll be in West Virginia on the 4th, but I'm happy for my fellow Seattlites. You guys rock.

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Lucy Leadskin said...

That's flippin' *awesome*.