Monday, April 5, 2010

Exhausting Weekend Update

We are now two storage units and $200 lighter a month! Or would $200 be “heavier”? In any event, can I get a woohoo!?

Our tenant moved out of the cottage last week, so Saturday the hubby and I, along with help from Michael and Tim, rented a U-Haul and emptied the two storage units we had, on of which since July. It was four hours of heavy lifting and grunting and sneezing, but oh so worth it.

Now we have a cottage full stuff that needs organized! And we’ll need to paint! And we bought curtain rods so we’ll need to buy curtains! Oh, and get it rewired! And get the posts underneath leveled! And replace the roof that had a leak and now has a sagging bulge sutured with painters tape! And we get to replace the shower, bathroom vanity, stove, kitchen cabinets and heaters!

In other words, we have a new project.

Which means Rae-rae is a happy girl!!

After doddling until late Sunday morning (because we were sore from Saturday) we finally got cleaned up and ready to head out to shop for some basics. And in the midst of getting ready, I found $275 worth of gift cards in the bottom of my underwear drawer! I thought I had lost these! I was writing thank you notes, and feeling so guilty because I would never get to use these beautiful cards.

But, luckily, our laundry situation got so bad that the cards emerged from their hiding place. It was then I remembered that I had put the cards there before we left for our honeymoon. To keep them safe. Ha!

Our new found shopping energy was squashed, however; Target, Staples, and Goodwill were closed for Easter. Thank goodness for Bed Bath and Beyond and Home Depot. We were still able to get some basic items for the cottage – new padlock for the front door, shower curtain liner, hotpot, garment rack for costumes.

And after a quick lunch, we dove in. I organized the back storage room, Todd put on the new front door knob and deadbolt. Kayleigh even came out and sorted through her nine bags of stuffed animals (NINE GARBAGE BAGS OF STUFFED ANIMALS – do not buy her any more stuffed animals) into a keep pile and a give-a-way pile.

I haven’t mentioned the kids until now because they had been at Norwescon since Thursday morning. Well, they came home Thursday night, went straight to bed, then went back Friday and stayed the night with Gavin and Michelle in their hotel room. We finally saw them Saturday night, and we had some quality family time with fried bananas, the X Files movie and some mother daughter bonding while Kayleigh braided and pinned up my hair.

They were scheduled to go back Sunday, but Tyler never woke up (until that afternoon) and Kayleigh actually seemed relieved Todd said Gavin couldn’t come get them. I think three 10 hour days of volunteering at a con was enough. They did good.

And to celebrate our child free Friday night, Todd and I had dinner at Chandler’s, thanks to some Christmas gift cards from Doug and Ann, then came home to watch Men Who Stare at Goats, and make out on the couch. Gasp!

Yes, we know how to live it up.

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