Thursday, April 1, 2010


As if getting a 16oz latte with CB at 2pm wasn’t bad enough she then comes over to my cube with a BIGASS piece of white cake with lots and lots of frosting and says “You should go get some!” knowing that I have absolutely no willpower in the afternoon and will do anything for a sugar or caffeine rush just get until 4pm so of course I go and get a piece of cake out of the kitchen but getting a piece isn’t enough I have to get a CORNER PIECE (more frosting) and one with the big purple flower on it (even more frosting) and now I’ve finished my latte AND my piece of frosting and oh my gawd my eyes are buzzing in their sockets and my teeth are sore and my tummy hurts but MAN ALIVE I am chipper and I fear for Todd when I get home because inevitably I will crash from this fiasco.


I think I need water.

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Lucy Leadskin said...

The ceiling must have become amazingly cobweb-free.