Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Random Thoughts

The inside of my nose is so sore, I can’t even wear my nose ring. And that’s okay. I think it may be time to phase it out (shut up, mom). I’ve had it for 10 years. I think I got my money’s worth.

Wait. I didn’t pay for it. A girlfriend did. As my birthday present.

So, yeah. I may be over it.


For those of you who aren’t on Facebook, my car was “broken into” over the weekend. Well, I accidentally left it unlocked, so there was no “breaking”. They just went through my glove box, went through my console. That’s about it. Took my bigass black Chevron $10 sunglasses. Big deal. They may have taken my good sunglasses, too. I can’t find them. But that’s nothing new.

Anyway, there was really nothing else to take. I’d brought my cd case into the house a few weeks ago because I listen to my iPod all the time now. And I’m not stupid enough to leave my iPod in the car. Or anything else for that matter. So, while it’s a little creepy, it ain’t no big thang. I’m just glad there’s no damage.


Dawn simulator update – a waste of money.

I am completely sleeping through the bright light in my face now. Todd has started setting his alarm again for 6:35am and that’s pretty much what I’m waking up to.

But the simulator makes for a nice, soft nightlight, so after about 20 years, I’ll have gotten my money’s worth.


I got my blood panel results. Everything is normal. Except my “good” cholesterol. It’s very low. How does that happen? What exactly does your “good” cholesterol do?

I was telling Kim-n-Tim this a couple of weeks ago, and Tim had the same problem. Low good cholesterol. And his doctor suggested alcohol (I love his doctor!) and almonds. So, I’ve started having a small glass of wine every few days (and sometimes tequila….ahem…) and I have almonds at work now.

But my thyroid was normal, so that made my therapist happy. And I’m taking iron regularly now so we can rule out any physical conditions that would cause me to be fatigued. Must all be mental. Good thing I’m in therapy.


Our buddy Kyle and his girlfriend came over for dinner last night. I, of course, made my veggie enchiladas. And of course, they were impressed. But I told Kyle, next time he comes over for dinner, Todd will have to cook because I have already cooked my two impressive meals for him – the enchiladas and the coconut basmati rice with gingered greens.

I’m out.

But Todd! He made fried bananas for dessert (because you gotta love a theme dinner!) They were freakin’ incredible. I’ve never had fried bananas before, but they were super easy (dip the bananas in pancake batter and fry, top with cinnamon and vanilla ice cream) and super yummy.

I love my husband. He is an amazing cook. He whips up fried rice when we have nothing else in the house, and he made this cheesy pasta dish last week that fantastic – with cream cheese! Who knew!

And since I love to clean, we have a very balanced system.


Tyler (and Kayleigh) got a wild hair yesterday and completely purged and cleaned his room. And if I’m telling you that it’s clean, you know it’s clean. Holy crap. He moved his bed, took out a couple of bags of garbage, a bag of Goodwill donations, did some laundry and actually put sheets on his bed.

Todd emailed me and asked me to check to see if hell was freezing over where I was.


I kneed Todd in the butt the other night. In my sleep.

I turned over onto my stomach (which is bad for my back, I know) and cranked my left knee up and WHAM, my knee went right into is ass. Guess I was a little closer to him than I thought.

I immediately woke up and sputtered, very sleepily, “Sorry….sorry…”, then promptly fell back asleep.

We have all kinds of night time stories.


Why don’t people at work understand that when you finish washing dishes with the sponge you MUST rinse all of the soap out of the sponge? ALL OF IT? Why is this so hard? Wasn’t this something we were all taught growing up? If you don’t get all of the soap out, the sponge goes bad so much quicker. JUST RINSE IT OUT!


And lastly, boots:

(For the Mrs. Clause in you. I may have to save up for these....)

(For the Scotsman (or Scotswoman) in you.)

Sigh. I love boots.

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Anonymous said...

Yea to the no more nose ring!!! I love it when you make me happy.