Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

My sweetie pie woke me up this morning with a card and a gift certificate to Head to Toe (he helped my folks too, who also sent me a gift certificate from there).

Then my buddy CB texted to say happy birthday and that she would pick me up. Well, okay fine. We made a quick trip to Metropolitan Market, where she made me pick out a cake and then a flower. She said, "Just act like you're not with me.....which cake do you want?" She's so sweet.

And my co-worked who hates decorating baked me chocolate chip cookies. And then CB and I went out to lunch. A good day, indeed.

Nothing much went on this evening. Except I get the next two days off. And since we're going out to dinner and a show tomorrow, we're just staying in and going to bed early tonight.

That's never a bad thing.

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