Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Update – HGTV Edition

I had the best weekend.

Aside from Friday night, when I had a tender spot on my back, right at my spine, that felt like a severe bruise but there was no bruise, and a sore spot on my stomach wall that had me checking myself for a hernia, and a headache that just made me want to hole up in a dark room.

But I persevered and we went over to Trish and Dan’s for movie night. This movie night, however, was research. We watched Ogre and Ice Spiders. They were both very bad Syfy “horror” movies with horrible acting and atrocious special effects. But Dan and Todd, being directors, writers and producers wanted to dissect these things for educational purposes, so we sat and laughed and mocked them until the bitter end.

The movies. Not Dan and Todd.

Home, then bed.

On Saturday, we were up bright and early to begin the cottage (cosmetic) renovation. Though, Todd has taken to calling the cottage “The Shack” so from henceforth, that is how it will be referenced.

We made a numbered errand list, then ran around getting paint (tannish), supplies (Goodwill! Who knew?!) and lunch (Mickey D’s – a special treat). Then, it was time to work.

We got three fourths of the living room/front room painted (two coats! Hands, OW!), and even had a visit from Mr. Sparky’s to write up a bid for the rewire. That won’t be happening any time soon, but it is inevitable.

Saturday night, we had tacos and watched a Buffy episode. But then it was too late for a movie, so we watched our rough disk of wedding pictures that Ron had just delivered on the big TV. Kayleigh had a friend over, so she drew my portrait while we sat around. It was a fun night.

Sunday, up early, but not as early because Saturday kicked our ass. We got the remaining portion of the living room painted, then got the boxes down out of the attic and the six tool boxes out of the pantry and moved them into the storage room. Todd spent the rest of the afternoon unpacking his office and I started organizing the storage room (and consolidating the six toolboxes). We now have some dishes for the kitchen, the shower curtain is up, and there are magnets on the fridge. It’s beginning to look homey.

We’ll wait to paint the kitchen. It’s white (instead of mint green, like the living room) so it’s just fine for now. But eventually, it will be a nice warm gold.

Sunday night, we slacked and had hot dogs for dinner, while we watched a little more Buffy, then I got my second wind and polished up our armoire that we got out of storage, which will soon become our barmoire. Of course, we’ll take pics when it’s finished. We also got my big mirror and a framed print hung up in the new bar corner, which means we’re just about done with that area.

Then at 9pm, my back said “Absolutely no more!” so I did my paraffin dip on my hands, showered and curled up for some laptop time and reading, while Todd got in some Champions with his buds. It’s funny, “reading time” to Tom means curling up on my neck and falling asleep, so that was a nice way to end the day.

And then I woke up late today. Slept right through the dawn simulator, and I forgot to ask Todd to set his alarm last night.

I’m taking Thursday (hopefully) and Friday (definitely) off, so I just need to make it through three days. And today is halfway over already!

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