Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Update

Friday was a happy day at work, albeit, there was some drama with CB which enabled us to leave at 3:30pm. I love carpooling. Don’t worry, all is fine.

Movie of the night – Starship Troopers. Quick note about this movie – I was forced to watch this when I was dating someone who was a complete ass. I didn’t want to see this movie, and I didn’t watch most of the movie. So when Todd kept suggesting it, I was just flat out uninterested. But I caved on Friday. I figured, if Todd likes it, it must be okay. And it was. And we now have a new quote – “MEDIC!”

I had one glass of wine. Oh, yes I did.

Saturday, we were off to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D. My job has this nifty perk – you can buy movie tickets for $6. Fantastic. I will utilize this more in the future. Alice was good. Seven out of 10 stars.

Afterwards, we drop Kayleigh off at an overnight, then walk down to the Junction for some Japanese dinner. And a truffle (or two) from Husky Deli.

Back home to watch Inglourious Basterds. It was just eh. Todd summed up the problem very clearly Tarantino likes his own writing. So he makes the characters talk and talk and talk and talk for no reason, other than to let Tarantino hear his own dialogue. However, Brad Pitt’s accent alone was worth sitting through this movie. Fantastic.

And then, bed.

Sunday began with a lazy, lazy morning and waffles for breakfast, with cheap, crappy syrup. There are certain things you just don’t want to skimp on. Syrup is one of them. We’re splurging for Log Cabin on our next shopping trip. Well, as “splurging” as can be with $5 syrup.

During breakfast, we watched Will & Grace. I love, love, love Will & Grace. I miss it a bunch. So very funny.

At this point, we kept meaning to get cleaned up and start the day, but we got sucked into The Karate Kid. How long has it been since you’ve seen that movie? It’s still great. “Wax on, wax off…”

Okay, now we get cleaned up. Then Todd plays Champions, and I go get Kayleigh from her overnight. Then I come home, pop in Dirty Dancing (don’t judge me) and clean out the file cabinet. Productive. Kayleigh joins me for the movie, as she hasn’t seen it yet. Blasphemy!!

And before you know it, it’s dinner time. Roast chicken from QFC, french fries, salad and bread. And of course, Buffy. We’re midway through Season 5 now. Cruising right along.

After that, clean up, do some admin work on the laptop, then sweet, sweet bed.

Good gawd, I love going to bed. It’s sad really. I just feel like once I’m in bed, I have no responsibility whatsoever until 6:30 the next morning. I just wrap up in Todd’s arm (whether he likes it or not) and curl up with my knees to my chest, and just breathe until I’m zonked out.


I can’t wait to go home and take a nap.

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