Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend (ACHOO) Update

Oh my gawd, when will the sneezing STOP?!

My (long) weekend started Thursday morning, when I came out of the bedroom, bundled up in my robe at 7am. My nose was completely clogged up, my head was throbbing and I hadn't gotten much sleep because I just can't sleep when I have to breathe through my mouth.

Todd looked at me and said, "You should call in."

I can't remember the last time I called in sick. For me. Maybe a year? I should go back and read my blog. Pinpoint it.

Anyway, I debated for a good bit, then called in. Then went back to bed. And I slept until 11am.

I got up ate a bagel, then curled up on the couch with Todd for a "long lunch" and The Hurt Locker. Which I actually liked, believe it or not. I usually avoid war movies. If any of the cast is in fatigues, I don't watch it. Why subject myself to that when it's already happening in the real world? I want love and happy and fluffy kitties.

But I liked The Hurt Locker. The banter between the guys was very entertaining, and you can't help but really like the main character. Adrenaline junkie that he is.

After the movie, I laid back down and sneezed and coughed and watched TV while I snoozed.

We had dinner, and then there was more snoozing and more sneezing and coughing, and then good Thursday night TV and then bed. Although, not much sleep.

Friday morning, it was just as bad. I finally made the decision to call in, then went back to bed.

And I was awakened at 8:30am by Sir Pukes Alot, as he fell out of the window above the bed and clawed my forehead on his way down. I have a very nice scratch now. Very nice.

Back to sleep until 11:30am. And then some iTunes hell, and then more napping. And then your standard Friday night - pizza and a movie. The feature was X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

And I LOVED THIS MOVIE. Todd was shocked. Pleasantly shocked.

After Wolverine, the kids went back down to Tyler's room to continue a game they were playing, so Todd and I popped in a grown up movie (I was going to say "adult movie" but that might give you the wrong impression of us. Shame on you). Our pick was Quills. In reading the description of the move, you'd think it would be a dry English sex fest. But no! Very witty, very sweet, not much sex. Despite what the pictures on IMDB indicate.

And after Quills, bed.

Saturday! Something shook loose Saturday, let me tell ya. I was up at 8:30am and full of energy! Todd was getting ready to head off to a production meeting, so I wanted to get out and about while it was early since I was apparently cured! I called Stephanie to see if she needed to go to Target. She didn't, but she did need to go grocery shopping.

So I said, "Great! I'll meet you at the grocery store at 9:30!"

Steph - "Is Todd going to be okay with you going grocery shopping without him?"

Me - "Oh, I'm not going to shop. I'm just going to drink my coffee and talk to you while YOU shop."

Steph - "You are SO SWEET!"

So Steph and I got in some bonding time.

Then I went by Barnes and Noble to pick up a couple of cheap books (since there won't be any new Sookie books or Jen books until May), then on to Target to spend a $50 gift card that Hyundai sent me (two new shirts and a gray cardigan) and get some household stuff, then I grabbed a happy meal at McDonald's, then went home and since Todd was still gone, I cleaned the kitchen and started some laundry and called mom and talked her ear off and then Todd got home so we took a walk and looked at houses and bought Tootsie Rolls from some kids in a yard, then went grocery shopping then we got home and made tacos for dinner and we watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (loved it) and then WHEW, we went to bed.

And I woke up Sunday sneezing my fool head off. FOR THE LOVE OF PUPPIES. I was lured into wellness on Saturday, then kicked in the gut bright and early Sunday morning. Todd made it better with breakfast (biscuits, gravy and bacon) and Parenthood on cable.

I may have also decided that margaritas would be the best remedy for my massive sneezing fits. And then I may have tried on my wedding dress (still fits!)

By the end of the day, my throat hurt, my head hurt, my lungs hurt. Ack! So after dinner and Buffy, Todd and I curled up and crashed. The kids stayed up, as this week is spring break, but Daddy had to put the fun to a stop around 1:30am.

I remember when dad used to get up at midnight during the summers and holler at me to GET MY ASS TO BED.

Totally get it now. Yep.

I'm very much looking forward to a good night's sleep.

Pray for me.

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