Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weekend Update (with a touch of love)

Our weekend of love began with a surprise birthday gathering for Trish on Friday. We had about 10 of her good friends over for a potluck and party hats. Rosalind was passed around and there was much laughter and conversation.

It was the first gathering, aside from the post wedding brunch, that we've had in our new house. And we decided 15 people was about the max.

Saturday morning, I met Jamie for brunch, then we did a little shopping up on Capitol Hill for some....personal items. Let's leave it at that.

After brunch, Todd and I were domestic, then it was time to head to Ballard for the Thornton Creek show. Kim-n-Tim joined us because Milo had an overnight, and since it was an early show, Steve, Todd and I invited ourselves back to Kim-n-Tim's for some low key social time. Low key social time turned into Tim playing some albums and us laughing our asses off. It was a great evening.

Sunday morning, I slept in. Until I was awakened by my husband, standing over me with our lap tray. On the tray was coffee and a plate with bacon, eggs and a biscuit. How fantastic is that?

And how sucky am I that I actually believed Todd when he said we didn't need to do anything for each other for Valentine's Day, so I got him nada? Pretty darn sucky. He even made me a card that was so sweet and earnest, it just made my heart melt.

After breakfast, I got cleaned up and dashed off to meet his sister, his niece and stepmother at the ballet. Because I am very cultured like that. We saw "Sleeping Beauty", and thank gawd Todd and I watched the movie a few weeks ago. I had forgotten the ballet has no dialogue. So there's a lot of acting out stuff. And if you don't know the story, it's very confusing. Sara was very helpful - she's a ballet connoisseur. Like when everyone started clapping for no reason toward the end, Sara leaned over and whispered "It's for the orchestra." Thank you, Sara.

The ballet was beautiful, but not something I could take part in very often. I'm a words girl. I need dialogue. I need action! But it was a nice afternoon of bonding with my new family.

Sunday night we watched Across the Universe. I didn't think I was going like it because I'm not a huge Beatles fan (back off!) but it was really good. A little spastic in the beginning, but it got much better.

Monday was a holiday!! We love the Presidents! Well, we love our current one.

Todd and I were up relatively early, so we walked down to the Junction, had some coffee and just toodled around. It was a nice, lazy day. I wasn't stressing because I felt like there was something else I needed to be doing. Except laundry. Which we got done that afternoon.

And we splurged that evening on Indian take out. Yummy poo. Kayleigh, however, had pasta. She's doesn't do Indian. But she liked the tandoori chicken, and the naan. So, baby steps to new food. And the movie of the evening was The Beastmaster. I'm sure it was a hit in it's day, but holy crap, what a bad movie. We just mocked it all the way through. And said "boobies" a lot.

By the time the movie was over, it was time for everyone to retire and get ready for the work week. Except those pesky kids are off all this week for mid-winter break. What the hell is "mid-winter break"? They get winter break and they get spring break. Who came up with "mid-winter break"? No wonder they have to go to school until late June. They're always on holiday!

Okay, yes, maybe I'm a bit jealous.

Because I'm running at break neck speed at work and it's just not letting up. I'm so tired and blah all day, however, we're hoping that changes as my brand new dawn simulator arrived today! It's a big 'un too. I got it all programmed, so we'll see how tomorrow morning goes. It will start lighting up at 6am and by 6:15, it will be at full light. Just like waking up to the sun....right beside your bed. Good stuff.

A side note: I'm sitting on the bed, blogging to you on my BRAND NEW LAPTOP. It's wonderful. I feel very hip. Now I just need to get Quicken loaded, and then I am done with the desktop computer completely!

Look at me! Entering this wondrous age of technology!

Now if I could just figure out how to email on my cell phone....then I'll be golden!

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