Thursday, February 11, 2010

Random Thoughts

I am damn perky for waking up at 4:30 this morning. And to answer your next question, I have no idea.

I was awake at 2am Tuesday morning. Wasn’t nearly as perky that day.


When I put my earbuds in at work, I put a note on the back of chair that says “I’m rockin’ out. Got the earbuds in. Can’t hear you. Approach gently.”

Then I tell my co-worker “I’m goin’ under.” He always laughs and says, “Okay.”

Dad used to say that. After dinner, he’d go in and lay in front of the stereo with these huge headphone on, listening to music. And he’d always yell, “I’M GOIN’ UNDER!” so mom and I would know he couldn’t hear us. And man alive, that music was so loud we could hear every word. We always said dad was going to go deaf like that.


My new red laptop is scheduled to be delivered today! And as I was emailing mom to tell her this, it occurred to me that I have never purchased a piece of electronic equipment. Ever.

Mom and dad bought my very first computer (as a Valentine’s day gift because I’d just broken up with a boyfriend and was sad. Ahhh). All of my TVs have been hand me downs or a present, as well as VCRs and DVD players. My current computer that I use now was given to me by Sergio when his company upgraded and was giving away their old systems.

But this laptop? I purchased it with my own money. Mine.
Well, except for the whole marriage and common property thing.



I’ve never had Dots before. My co-worker, Matabulor, gave us some today as a thank you. For what, I have no idea.

Anyway, I learned something about Dots.

Never put one in your mouth when you’re on hold. Because there is no way you’re getting all of that crap off your teeth before the customer service rep comes on the line.


I hate being stupid. HATE IT. I am very intelligent person who, for the most part, has her shit together.

However, I set up an automatic bill payment from my credit union to my new car loan credit union (because MY CU, who held my car loan for Ruby TURNED ME DOWN for a car loan for this silver thing. Something about “debt to income ratio”. Well, duh, I just signed a mortgage for an exorbitant amount of money, so yeah, I have a wee bit of debt right now. Because I wasn’t expecting to have to get a brand new car loan two months later!). And I set it up to pay half of the amount twice a month. My financial advisor told me this ends up accumulating less interest that you end up paying. You see that balance go down a lot quicker.

But I failed to tell my new car loan CU what I was doing, so come my due date, they only received half of my car payment.


This just hit me out of the blue, so I called them, I called my CU, I filled out forms, I faxed back and forth to get a quick payment made before the end of the grace period. Which is Monday.

I am now exhausted.


Did I mention my laptop arrives today?

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