Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Universe (Auto Division)

I'm beginning to think you are upset with me.

First, a five car fender bender on the viaduct. Poor Ruby. She's a goner. Lesson learned. I'll be more careful.

Then yesterday, I received a ticket in the mail. I cut the yellow light too close. But in my defense, it had just changed yellow and it was raining and I had someone behind me so I was not going to slam on my brakes. But the camera flashed - I saw it in my rear view mirror. Fine. I'll pay the stupid ticket. The first ticket I've had in 11 years. ELEVEN YEARS.

Is this because I left Ruby alone, on the street, for 10 days while we were in Kauai?

I picked up a rental car today. I got tired of being chauffeured around. Although, maybe a chauffeur wouldn't be such a bad idea. I don't seem to be doing very well, huh?

The rental is a Sebring.

Better than The Beast from January, but still. It's HUGE. And it's the smallest one they had. They said.

So, in conclusion, my apologies, dear Universe. I have wronged you somehow, and I am deeply sorry. But please leave me and my car alone from now on.



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