Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Vengeance Is Mine!

Actually, it’s Todd’s, because he set out the rat traps. And within three hours, he caught one. Little bastard.

I do have a hard time with killing the rats. They’re just trying to survive like everyone else, and if I could reason with them, I would. But I can’t, and they’re causing thousands of dollars worth of damage, so they must be terminated. At least these traps are quick and bloodless.

Kayleigh wanted to set up a cozy little home for them in the back corner of the yard so they wouldn’t have to climb up in the cars to keep warm. That’s why I love her. She cares about the little disease infested rodents. We still said no. Once they made a home there, they’d tell all their little disease infested friends about the really cool hostel they found. And we just can’t have a new rat colony living in our backyard.

On a related topic, here’s the rental car I’m driving.

I asked for the smallest and cheapest car they had.

I feel like a pimp in this thing. It’s a two door, and because the car is so long, the doors are huge and winglike. I literally have to use my foot to push the driver’s side door open. But at least my bitches won’t have any trouble gettin’ in the backseat. Yo.

It is 179.8 inches long. Ruby is 177.9 inches long. Not a big difference, but big enough so that it took me 10 minutes to park in the garage this morning. Todd calls it The Beast.

But it’s got an iPod port!

And I got to drive it in the snow this morning! Because suddenly I live in the arctic where it snows on a regular basis!


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Dee said...

Why on earth do you know exactly how long Ruby is and exactly how long your rental car is?? And we have snow too!