Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pre-Wedding Poem

Wrapping up at work
Gathering updates
Making notes for co-workers
Must Swiffer desk
And wash dishes

Out for 13 days
Already dread coming back
Mounds of email
Hope my new rule works

Emailing vendors
Confirmations, final payments, itineraries
Headcount is wacky
Maybe I’ll just stand at the reception
Who doesn’t want to eat?

Feeling much better
Antibiotics are awesome
Think I might be okay
Really want a glass of wine
Can wait until Friday
I guess

Still have some shopping to do
And tomorrow is pedicure
And massage
Because that’s what you do
The week of your wedding

I’m getting married
Five days
Five days

B R E A T H E......


Bobber-in-law (soon) said...

B R E A T H I N G Helps.
B O U R B O N Helps more;)

Lucy Leadskin said...

Ah, the magic of BOOZE.