Sunday, November 8, 2009

Just Married

Yesterday, TBFE (The Best Fiance Ever) became the TBHE (The Best Husband Ever).

But that looks too much like THC to me, and that makes me think of pot and well, that's not good. So, let's just call him my husband.

My Husband.

Life is good.


Anonymous said...

Well. Okay. And you're exactly right. "The Best Husband Ever". He's just really the "Best Guy Ever". It's Mon., 6:30 pm (TX time) and I'M HOME! I just can't tell you how great it was. Katherine, Nancy, Julie, Kim, everybody was so very friendly and made us all so welcome. Hats off to GOOD PEOPLE! And I meant it, Julie is totally adoptable!

I love you both. Enjoy your honeymoon. MM

Anonymous said...

I found that Todd's family is great, all of your (and Todd's) friends are wonderful and we had a terrific time. And I must agree with MM - Julie is adoptable! (Along with several of your other friends . . .)

Love you both and hope you're having a grea time on your trip.


Lucy Leadskin said...

Congratulations, Mrs Downing!

And SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN! You don't want to be coming home with any embarrassing burns now, do you? :D xo!

Cousin Kristin said...

Your wedding was awesome. And I heart Todd! So good to finally meet him. I'm so happy for you both! Hope you're having tons-o-fun in Hawaii!

Dee said...

Ditto on everything everyone aleady said. Your wedding was perfect. Todd was just as nice in person as he is on your blog. I'm so glad you met him. Happy Honeymooning.