Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Where To Start?

How about, I got in a car wreck on my way to work, the first day back after a wonderful wedding and honeymoon? How’s that? Fantastic, right?

It was a stupid five car fender bender during rush hour traffic on our viaduct. I’m sore and a bit scared of driving now, but otherwise, I think I’m okay. Time will tell. Ruby, however, has a jammed rear end and will require some body work (hopefully JUST body work) which can’t even start until December 2. Sigh.

Does the Universe think I need a project? Is he afraid that I will be too bored now that the move and wedding are over? Was he worried that I would no longer have something to Facebook or blog about? Thanks, Universe. I appreciate it.

I was very much looking forward to things being back to normal. No massive stress inducers, no deadlines, and working regular ol’ 8 hour days. I was an hour and a half late yesterday and I had to leave early for a doctor’s appointment. My boss just kept saying, “You said things would settle down after the honeymoon!”

Guess someone out there has a different plan.

Wedding and honeymoon update to come…

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Lucy Leadskin said...

Sending you lots of healing, relaxing hugs!