Monday, September 28, 2009

It’s Amazing I Don’t Have Any Pimples

I have an ulcer in my mouth, an upset stomach and kink in my neck, but by gawd, I have no pimples! I’m okay being stressed if face doesn’t break out. This must mean I am truly an adult now.

I honestly cannot think of an adjective that is strong enough for where we are right now. Chaotic? Tumultuous? Hectic? Disorganized?

We might close today. Or we may close tomorrow. I am on standby for the phone call. Who knows when we’ll take possession. Still need to book movers, but can’t book movers until we know when we’re moving. I want to get all packed, but don’t want to pack the very necessary stuff because I don’t know how long we’re going to need that very necessary stuff out.

Friends are offering to help, but we don’t know what to tell them because there is NO PLAN. I NEED a plan. I cannot function without a plan. I am planless.

I spent all day yesterday either on email or on the phone, sending last minute stuff to our mortgage gal, searching for a circular shower curtain holder for this new freakin’ claw foot tub that is 66 freakin’ inches long, coordinating the electrician to meet our agent so they can give us an estimate for rewiring, researching movers, and all the while, trying to actually do my job. I finally went to lunch at 2:30 and just sat at the little café and stared into space for 30 minutes.

I told Todd, I cannot keep this up for any length of time. I need it done. Right now. Done.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, though. We’re going to Bellingham this weekend to attend Jessica’s wedding! She’s asked me to sing, so Todd will play guitar for me (our first public performance together! The whole purpose for us meeting!) And then we’ll stay in nice little B&B and catch up on our quality mushy time. Just thinking about it puts a smile on my face.


Gotta get through this week, gotta get through this week...


Lucy Leadskin said...

Deep breaths, Rae-Rae. Deep breaths.


Anonymous said...

Chill - it will be over soon. Remember how quickly you unpacked my stuff?? Now that you're moving today, you should have everything unpacked in time to watch football on Sunday!

Love ya,