Friday, September 25, 2009


"So, in the WTFWRD category this week, how about this question: I'm watching from some distance as my stepson and soon to be stepdaughter are simultaneously packing to move, selling their house, buying a new one, planning a wedding and working, while keeping two young 'uns in school. Which should I do? Watch in fascinated horror (think train wreck), offer to help in some insipid & probably useless way, or vacuum and clean the toilets in my house?"


Raechelle would want absolutely no part in such drama and train wreckness. Your stepson and soon to be stepdaughter sound like they are complete gluttons for punishment and need to relax and enjoy their lives, rather than constantly coming up with ways to draw attention to themselves. “Look at me!! I’m so stressed!!” I mean, really.

So, Raechelle would clean her toilets and vacuum, so that when the stepkids finally snap from the insanity and need a place to which they can escape and drool on themselves, you can offer up your home.

Rumor has it, you’re a pretty a good cook too, so I’m sure the stepkids would very much appreciate some kind of gooey chocolate dessert to comfort them.

Thanks for the question!


Robert L Pace said...

That's genius! Chocolate desserts (though not particularly gooey) will actually be arriving in Seattle on Sunday. Hang on till then, help is on the way!

Lucy Leadskin said...

Sending hugs and a masseuse your way!