Sunday, September 6, 2009

I Think I'm An Adult Now

Well, it's official. We bought a house.
Look familiar? It, too, is a 1922 Craftsman. Just like the house we're leaving.
We like our Craftmans. Craftsmen?

We saw this house on Wednesday, after it had been pending, then came up active again. We wrote up the offer that night, the seller countered and we accepted.

BAM! What's the time on that?!

It's a three bedroom (almost - we need a door downstairs to close off that area), two bath, with a one bedroom, one bathroom rental cottage in the backyard. The goal is for that to be Todd's office and our studio. But it's rented right now, which just means we don't have to get used to larger mortgage just yet. It will be a bit tight in the house until we ask the renter to leave (spring maybe?) but that's okay. Because it is a mere one block off of California Ave.

For those of you not from around here, California Ave is the main, downtown West Seattle street. Where it crosses at Alaska, that's call The Junction. That's where you want to live.

And now that's where we live.

Todd and I fell in love with it as soon as we walked inside. And as soon as I realized that oh my gosh, it has a walk in pantry, and on my gosh, it has a walk in master closet, it was a done deal. You just can't find old Craftsmans, even redone old Craftsmans, with a decent closet and a pantry. But this one has both. Sold!

We're anticipating moving in sometime during the last two weeks of September. Which gives us a month to get it somewhat up to speed before the wedding. Talk about cutting it close.

And related to cutting it close, you know that Todd and I are all about the signs. The signs control us. Well, we had said if we didn't have any decent offers, and didn't find a good house by September 7, we were done. We'd try again next year. And then lo' and behold, on September 2, everything falls into place. I was temped to email The Universe (because I have his email address now, and we're friends on Facebook - The Universe is hip like that) and ask just what did he think he was doing? Could he maybe have not of waited until the last minute? Sheesh!

But I see the beauty here. I see the learning experience. I'm no dummy.

I am, however, officially a homeowner.


Stephen Rader said...


Are you sure you don't want to rent that cottage to a bald homosexual from Chicago for a year? You'd have your very own, Uncle Arthur / Jack McFarland / Mr. French just steps away! In your backyard!

Maybe I should rethink the whole "Mr. French" thing. That implies "housework" and "keeping a beautiful home." Unfortunately, I didn't get that part of the gay gene. They doubled up on the musical theatre part, though. :)

I'm so happy for you and your new home. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

I do love when the Universe works when given a deadline. It's the only way I work, I know! What a great house! Happy owning- Sharon

Marcia said...


Lucy Leadskin said...

Yay! Happiness happiness! xo!

Anonymous said...

Wayne and I moved into our new 'together' house 2 weeks before the wedding!! I really don't suggest anyone do that...

(carrie from canada)

TD said...

Now ya tell us, Carrie...


(Veriword: dogypi, which I think I stepped in the other day.)