Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why Didn't I Think of That?

It's fabulous.

A box for your RSVPs. No on one side, Yes on the other side. Alphabetized index cards to separate by name. And even matches the invitations!


My friend, CB, says "Ridiculous. I will get a shoebox and MAKE you one of those. Much better."

But will it be covered in pretty paper?

She says, "Of course!"

I say, she's hired.

Why can't I think of this stuff before other people do? Oddly enough, this site is by the same woman who wrote my Big Ass Wedding Book. She's a pro. She knows what the crazy brides want. We want useless boxes of crap that are pretty and remind us that we're getting married!

Speaking of crazy and organizing, I got on a kick last night and organized the hell out of our white board. I've got a list of things we still need to spend money on, a list of To Do items, a list of questions for the caterer, and taped to the board, a drawing that eerily resembles a football playbook that tells me who is riding in which car to get from West Seattle to the rehearsal dinner and then who is riding in which car to get back to West Seattle/the hotel downtown/back their lodging.

There are lots of arrows.

All the while, Todd worked on the processional music and drafted up some programs. We were bustling. Today, we're emailing ideas about paper back and forth. There will be a trip to Paper Zone this evening.

Yes, it's a good day.


Cole said...

good god I wish I knew about this about a year ago!!!
what song are you walking down the isle to?

Raechelle said...

Cole -
I can't tell you that!! That's top secret!!

(but think Beyonce...just kidding)

Anonymous said...

Do you remember Tricia's wedding? When the ceremony was over and they walked out of the church to the tune of the Charlie Brown theme? That was great. I think you need to come up with something to top that -- oh, after the ceremony, not when you're walking down the aisle, unless you and your dad want to do the funky whatever it is the two of you do when you're together . . . .


Raechelle said...

I joke and say I want to walk out to Lyle Lovett's "She's No Lady (She's My Wife)".

Todd said that might not be the best way to start off a marriage...

Anonymous said...

Well, you're not exactly a lady . . . - joke, joke, don't get upset! I think it would be the perfect song!


Dee said...

I don't know that Lyle Lovett song. I'll have to google it. And Aunt Annie, I can't believe you remember that little detail from Tricia & Butch's wedding! :)