Monday, August 24, 2009

Random Thoughts About The Weekend Update

We had another open house, and I, of course, had another freak out. There will be no more open houses. I cannot take it. We had some genuine interest this time, so hopefully, there will be no need for another open house.


We also have a showing scheduled for tomorrow, and I just got a call from someone at my company who saw my listing on our company news board. We have movement!


TBFE and I went Kauai shopping. And I bought (er…Todd bought me) a bathing suit! And I actually feel kinda good in it! I am ready for the beach…


We met with my friend who is making our wedding cake. And I told Todd last night, there is a certain beauty to planning this wedding among house buying and house selling and teenager drama.

We don’t fret over the details.

Our cake meeting took a whopping 30 minutes. We said we like this, we don’t like this, we want to do this, there are this many people, and BAM. We’re getting a wedding cake. We don’t have the energy to scrutinize the details, like how many roses we want on the cake or how many different types of combinations or do we want fondant or buttercream frosting.

Just gimme a damn cake that tastes good and let’s move on. I got things to do.


I forgot my glasses at home and my head already hurts from staring at the computer. Maybe it’s time for eye appointment and back up glasses?

Nah. I’m not ready yet.


The Seahawks won Saturday night!! We’re 2-0!

Okay, yes it’s only preseason, but hopefully it’s a good sign for regular season.

And the Redskins beat the Steelers. Holy crap. Way to go, ‘Skins!

We bought new shampoo and toothpaste this weekend. The shampoo smell is different and the toothpaste taste is different. So I have this “homesick” feeling in my gut. I get this when I’m surrounded by unfamiliarity.

I have a new shirt on, too. That’s not helping.


Which is a more significant sign of aging –

The fact that I get those little, stiff, black hairs on my chin, or the fact that I can oh-so-discreetly yank them out with my tweezers while sitting in my cube because I have been doing it for years and I am THAT GOOD?


Every now and then, I am distracted by my sparklerific ring. Either the light catches it just so or it knocks against something and makes a loud thunk. And then it hits me all over again.

I’m getting married.

And then I think, “I just wanted to sing with a band. Really.”

Funny how things work out.


To wrap up this riveting post, please enjoy this pic a snuggling Tom.

Tom doesn’t care if you’re laying on your stomach, your back or your side. If he sees a warm body, he’s on it. He laid like that until my arm fell asleep and I had to rollover.

My little, fuzzy baby...


Anonymous said...

Why is it we see no more pictures of Elvis - just of Tom? I'm starting not to like Tom!


Lucy Leadskin said...

KITTEH! The day just got better. :D

Kristin said...

I wish Whitters was more of a snuggler like that! I pick her up and make her give me lovins and she acts like I'm torturing her. Little brat.

Thanks for the Skins shout out!!!

Dee said...

Your blog always makes me smile. Can't wait to see you!