Sunday, August 30, 2009


I missed another game! Dammit!

I complete forgot (I KNOW!) that the Seahawks played last night. FOR.GOT.

We got caught up in a movie (Leatherheads – awesome) and then in the midst, had to vacate for a showing, then came back and finished the movie, then ordered pizza and watched another movie (Lords of Dogtown – also awesome), then watched the documentary about that movies, and then went to bed.

And I missed my boys win yet another pre-season game!

I’m sorry, guys. I promise to pay better attention and look at the calendar regularly (the games are on the calendar!) Really.

They play again Thursday. I've got a big post it note on my monitor.

I will not miss this.

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Anonymous said...

That's okay that you had a brain fart - I do that quite often. We got to watch our Texans play my Vikings and the old man and of course, we lost 17-10. Also, good ole Farve pulled a really dirty trick on one of our players too! Creep.