Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend Update

I told Todd last night that this was one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time. Now, that’s saying something.

Our weekend started Friday night with the traditional pizza movie night. We made pizzas, instead of ordering in, and watched Transporter 3. I am now a huge fan of these movies. It helps that Jason Statham is just beautiful, but the fight sequences alone are enough to have me on the edge of the couch. Just awesome.

This movie, however, was probably the weakest of the three. Jason gets the woman in every movie, but why on earth did he even want this woman? I wasn’t convinced that he liked her, let alone loved her and took her fishing with him. Gimme a break. And the little strip tease scene? Lame. Jason can kill a man with his dress shirt; why on earth would he tolerate this rich little twit demanding he do a strip tease to get his car keys back? I don’t think so.

Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t mind WATCHING the strip tease. Even though he only took off his jacket, tie and shirt and he really wasn’t “teasing” at all. It was still good, cheap entertainment.

After that movie, we watched 10 Things I Hate About You because it was Eric Riedmann’s first movie and well, how could we not? (Eric played Afriel, Protector of the Children, in Todd’s movie Ordinary Angels. My mother probably gave Eric the highest compliment when, after watching OA, she said, “I really believe he would protect the children!”.) We cheered when Eric said his one and only line, then critiqued the rest of the film and tried to figure out where they were since it was filmed in Seattle.

Earlier in the evening, I made the declaration that I would be sleeping in on Saturday. And I promised ice cream to those who worked hard to help make that happen. Kayleigh obliged – she went to spend the night with her friend. Tyler obliged – he slept until 10:00am. And Todd obliged – he snuck out of the bedroom at probably 6:30am or so. I didn’t even stir until 8:30 and at 9:15, finally decided that I was sufficiently rested and got up.

And wow, what a difference sleep can make! It was a beautiful sunny day, and only really warm, not oh-please-kill-me-I-can’t-take-this-heat hot. Todd and I had some coffee and breakfast, then tidied up for the first of two open houses for the weekend. Kayleigh was hanging with her friend all day, Tyler finally got to hang out with his buddy for the day, so as of 12:45pm, Todd and I were on our own!

We went to check out some wedding bands. Muy fun. We went to look at the tux that Todd picked out and size up the colors. So pretty. We had lunch at Blue C. We swung by Costco for kitty litter. We toured a couple of hotel rooms downtown to get an idea of what we wanted in our wedding night room. And then we headed to my co-worker’s BBQ. Which turned out to be a great time. There were only about 15 or so people, but it made for a nice circle around a plastic, kiddie wading pool. The yard was huge and sunny (and hot) with the exception of a nice shady patch in the back. People threw the ball for the dog, there was a dart board and horse shoes, and her husband grilled up yummy salmon fresh from Alaska.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had such an carefree, relaxing evening. New people made for fun conversation. Todd and I throw parties all the time, but I’m in such host mode that I don’t take time to enjoy those parties. I’m too busy making sure everyone else is having a good time.

Keep this in mind if you’re coming to the wedding.

Slight tangent:
When we met with the flower guy, I was asking questions about delivery and would we need to pick up the flowers and how would I need to set them up…. The guy stopped me and said, “You are the bride. You don’t do that. WE do that.” Then he looked at Todd and said, “Tell her she doesn’t have to do anything.”

I don’t have to do anything? But..but…I don’t want to inconvience anyone!

This will be my great challenge. If you see me clearing plates, stop me. It’s a habit.

Anyway. Where was I?
Oh yes. BBQ. Fun time. Much needed.

Sunday was yet another open house (and there was maybe more sleeping in) so we got up, had breakfast (Todd made homemade cinnamon rolls – reason #74 why I love him) and then all headed out. Kayleigh went back to her friend’s, Tyler hung out with his uncle Gavin, Todd had a production meeting with Trish and Dan, and I met up with Jamie for lunch. After lunch, I stopped by to visit Kim-n-Tim-n-Milo, which I hadn’t done in ages. It was a good three house of just chilling out and catching up. Milo didn’t wake up from his nap until about the time I needed to leave, but I got to see him and say hi. He’s two now. I can’t believe how time flies.

After my visit, I picked up Tyler, we hit the grocery store for a couple of things, then arrived home to find Todd bustling around in the kitchen, prepping dinner. We had a lovely sitdown of cold pasta with basil, olive and tomatoes, as well as a Caesar salad. And then it was time for some HGTV House Hunters (I am officially addicted to this show) in the bedroom. Where it was much, much cooler.

And with the exception of the leaf blowers flaring up at 5:30am and Elvis knocking my glass of water off of my nightstand and into my slipper, it’s a pretty good Monday.

So far.
Check with me at 4pm.


H~ said...

Isn't it 4pm there now? No wait- It's almost 7.

Miss you!!! And wish I was in the hot hot heat. The weather is typically English and disappointing. xxx

H~ said...

Oh hold on, my bad. What the hell happened to my math. It's only 3. One more hour until I would check in, but I'm going to bed.

Mega smoochies and stuff!

TD said...

What's a "three house"?

TD said...
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Raechelle said...

A three house is kind of like a tree house, but there's an extra H in there. Like H~! See?! Two of 'em!

Should be three hours. But now I'm going to leave it as is :)

Stephen Rader said...

I am in love with your flower guy. And he's so right. You shouldn't be doing ANYTHING. Other than enjoy yourself on a perfect day surrounded by all your friends and loved ones.

That said, the flower guy is gay, right? I mean, just from what he said, I'm hearing "gay man." As if "florist" didn't say it already. :)

Raechelle said...

Stephen, the florist may very well be gay, but trust me, you wouldn't be interested.

And didn't I read that you have someone keeping you occupied at the moment? Congrats on that, by the way. But I understand the need for back ups :-)

We're still on the lookout for you. Don't you fret...

TD said...

If Stephen would only come out to Seattle (heh, I said "come out"), we could probably hook him up real good. :)

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree about the girl in Transporter 3. Why on earth? We should have casted that part...say um you or muah perhaps? And yes lame strip tease.


Kristin said...

Obviously the bride should not have to do anything!

House Hunters is pretty much the best show on television.