Monday, August 31, 2009

She’s Wound Up Tighter Than a Pissed Off Rattlesnake

My horoscope for today.

From The Seattle Times:

Aries (March 21-April 19): Today is a 5 -- A puzzle you've been putting together finally starts to make sense. A little more work and you'll solve the mystery.

Really? It’s all going to make sense now?

Cause this funky little dance of sell for this price, buy for this price, put this much down, but you need this much for closing costs, but have this much money left over is going to give me a freakin’ heart attack.

Todd asked me this morning if I would be disappointed if we took the house off the market and just stopped this. He said maybe it’s just too much with all of the other stresses. And I asked him, “Are you stressed about the wedding? Really?”

And he sighed and said, "No."
I said, “Neither am I.”

It's just this house stuff. But it should be done soon. It has to be done by September 7. We’ve decided that if we have no acceptable offers, if we can’t find another place we like, we stop this madness cold turkey so we can really enjoy the last two months leading up to the wedding.

So we’ve got one week.

There are things happening. Trust me. But the funky little dance isn’t written down on paper yet. That’s the key. The signatures.

One week. Just a little bit longer….

…but man, my head hurts.

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