Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Weekend Update….and then some

Let’s see…

The last you heard, TBFE and I had jaunted off to the romantic city of Tacoma (ha!) to see Adam and Kris. And now I am hell bent on going to Portland during the only possible weekend that will work for the next three months - last weekend in July. I think Todd and I deserve a few days away to remind ourselves why we like each other. We tend to forget these things. Or maybe it’s just me. Todd seems to remember better than I do. I get bogged down with real life. And laundry.

So, if you’d like play family and have your very own teenagers for a weekend (Fri thru Sunday), please contact me. The rental fee is small.

Where were we?

Ah, Saturday.

On Saturday, I got up early (9am, which is early for me) and set out for Jamie’s. But there was a marathon going on and the normal 20 minute drive took 50 minutes because 99 was closed, as was 1st Ave downtown, which I did not know about, so I ended up on the freeway, which was a parking lot, like always, but finally! I arrived and was welcomed with mini quiches and chocolate croissants and coffee and mimosas. Because Jamie loves me.

We cleaned out her storage area in the basement and man, I wish I’d taken before and after photos! It was amazing! You'll just have to imagine it. Before: stuff piled high and crammed in. After: stuff neatly organized on shelves and enough space to actually crawl into. Wow!

After our cleaning fest, I headed back home (after receiving a text from Todd that simply said “Kill me.”) to help prepare with Kayleigh’s End of School Luau. She had three friends over and I’m guessing they had something that included a whole lotta sugar before I got there. They were running circles in the house (we have dubbed the upstairs “the dog run”), squealing at the top of their lungs. Ah, youth. Good times.

Todd and I took turns supervising, then hiding, until finally the pizza arrived and the girls sat to eat and watch Dr. Horrible. Todd and I watched, too. While we drank pina coladas. Tyler pretty much hid in his bedroom the entire night. Except when he’d emerge for food.

Two of the girls ended up staying the night, which wasn’t bad at all, and after they settled down in Kayleigh’s bedroom, Todd and I retired relatively early.

Sunday morning, Todd went off to coffee with his buddy, Ron, the photographer who did our Christmas photos. Ron has also agreed to be our wedding photographer, as well.

Speaking of the wedding, FIVE MONTHS, people. FIVE MONTHS AWAY. Crazy.

While Todd was at coffee, I made pancakes for the girls, then got on a cleaning bender. By the time Todd got home, I was full of energy and ready to go do something productive. So we headed down to Alki to collect some rocks for something (can’t tell ya) then to Metropolitan Market to make an appointment to talk flowers for the wedding, then to Petco to get Tom a tag (and some kitty pillows and some mylar balls and a little fuzzy ball on a spring….love the kitties) then back home, where we made nachos for dinner after laying around in the sun for two hours. What a lovely Sunday.

And thus begins a short week!

We get Friday off, so I’m thinkin’ Rae-rae needs a pedicure (UPDATE: pedicure scheduled). I still have a very generous Habitude gift certificate to use, but I’ve had option paralysis and can’t decide what I want to do with it. I think a pedicure is justified since we’re finally in flip-flop season. Maybe a facial, too. Never had one.

I also need to take my car back down to Goodyear. Oh, slight tangent.

Happy anniversary, Ruby!!
It was our three year anniversary on Sunday, Summer Solstice. I didn’t even give her a hug. Crap.

But she’s needs some attention now. There are things that aren’t working. The remote door locks, the interior lights, the radio, the clock. The needles on the speedometer, the tachometer and the gas gauge flip out when I start her. Dad and Todd both said it's a bad fuse, but when looking at the fuse chart, it looks like some things on a particular fuse work, while one thing doesn’t. Now I’m wondering if it’s more rat damage that’s either 1) just surfacing because the cable finally snapped or 2) we have a new rat. Dammit.

So, I'll go by Goodyear at some point and have them check her out. I should probably do it soon. I really miss my radio.

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Anonymous said...

Could you use your Habitude gift cert to get Ruby fixed? No?

Then by all means get the pedi and a facial :-)

Your FMIL (NP)