Monday, May 18, 2009

Rude Much?

A cow-orker just asked me if I was planning to lose weight for my wedding.

Um. No. Why?
Do you think I need to lose weight for my wedding?

You’re a bit on the hefty side. Why don’t YOU lose weight for my wedding?

I was actually very nervous when I was trying on wedding gowns. I thought there were going to be bulges and dimples and I would become one of those women who declared she would lose 20 pounds before her wedding day.

What a load of crap.

These are the happy times! You eat, you drink, you be merry. That’s makes a diet plan very hard.

Luckily, my dress is designed so that the dimples are hidden, the belly looks flat, and the hips are cleverly hidden. I look damn fine in my dress.

So I merely said, “No, I don’t plan to lose weight. My dress is a size 12 and I am perfectly happy with that.”

Now, I don’t plan to GAIN any weight either. Which is why I tell my co-workers to quit shoving chocolate at me.

The honeymoon, however, is a completely different story. It's gonna take one magical swimsuit to make me feel at ease on a beach.

Or a lot of cocktails.

Which I think can be arranged.


Casey said...

Wow. How weird!! Who cares what size your dress is? So strange! All that matters is that you feel great, and you will. My hubby has loved me lots of different sizes - pre and post babies etc - and it changes nothing - other than that I love him more. I had to buy a new dress on our honeymoon as I ate to much at our reception and the first few days of the honeymoon LOL and you know what - he loved me even more for enjoying all the food/wine. Life is for living. :o)

Casey said...

Sorry that comment is from Wayne/Carrie - we gave our blog account to our son Casey as we were just not using it. If you have a chance please go see his blog and give him a little encouragement! LOL

Anonymous said...

Some people are incredibly stupid. Incredibly. Where on earth did the cow-orker get the idea that he/she needed to run your life??? You look marvelous! Happiness becomes you. I just can't believe anybody would ask a question like that. INCREDIBLY STUPID! And, I can't wait to see the dress on you! Us mothers (ALL of us) will be able to come to your dressing room that day, no? Love Y'all - MM

Dee said...

Ummm...seriously?? Unfrickingbelievable. I hope that cow-orker is not invited to your wedding. You are going to look gorgeous in your wedding dress (as well as your bathing suit on your honeymoon). Don't you worry about it. Stupid people!