Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Tour Down Hair Lane

Let us take a brief stroll down hair lane. I can't remember all of the years, but I think we're starting in 2003.


Chunky pixie. I love this style. I wish it would do it all of the time.

Growing out the pixie (and apparently, not too happy about it).

Growing out. And highlighted.

Hippy medium. No bangs.

Medium. Pretty bangs.

Longer medium. With heavy bangs.


Uber Long. Hippy, out of control, I-can't-afford-a-haircut long.

And now.....

CRAZY. Because I can.

It's good, right? I mean, the red just makes my eyes POP. And I figure, it will grow out before the wedding. And if not, I'll just dye it. No biggie.

Oh, I joke.
I'm not THAT crazy. Although I love the length. Very....light. Maybe after the wedding.

So here.
My hair, sans 6 inches.

And I don't have to put it back in a ponytail when I eat now!!


Dee said...

I was waiting for this. I knew you'd have a hair picture today and what a treat - I get a hair tour! Love the new cut. You look younger. Hipper. Cooler. Looks good and it's still long enough to do stuff with it. For the wedding.

The Hamilton's said...

I know I already commented on FB, but I love it. It was fun to see the hair tour, too. The chunky pixie was awesome. How come you can't do it "all the time"? (Obviously not before the wedding, but wasn't sure why you said that.)

Lucy Leadskin said...

The long, layered look is great on you! So's the short, fluffed-out red jobby. Weee!

Raechelle said...

The chuncky pixie (band name?) was a rare occurence. Normally, my pixies just look blah. Which, in turn, makes me feel fat.

Don't ask....

Actually, the shorter the hair, the bigger I feel. So, no more pixies.

TD said...

The Pixies were a band, and at least one of them was chunky.

Seriously, the new do is awesome.

Word verification: PECUSTO, which sounds like an Italian exclamation shouted when a delicious meal is unveiled.

Raechelle said...

I love it!!

I will use it the next time we go to Pegasus or Volterra.

H~ said...

Okay, so this shows how long it has been since I caught up on my blog roll. I saw the pic on Facebook and thought that it was real.


Your real hair looks lovely! :-)