Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Comicon Panic

The costumes at Emerald City Comicon were actually very cool. Very creative, and some, a little scary. For the most part, I wasn't really affected by any of them.

Except this one.

(photo by Joshua Trujillo/seattlepi.com)

I was waiting in the hallway while TBFE was in the men's room. While I was waiting, this "man" walked out of the men's room and headed straight toward me. It was absolutely surreal. For a split second, I felt like I was in a movie, and this was the bad guy, getting ready to rip me limb from limb.


He didn't pay me the least bit of attention, but after he passed, I felt myself let my breath out.

I was surfing the PI a bit ago when I saw a link to these photos. I'm so glad Josh captured this guy. By the way, Josh is the same photographer who accompanied the PI writer who did the story on us last Thursday night.

He's nice.
Go look at his photos.
There's a link of the front page of the paper.

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TD said...

He was at the urinal next to me. Not often one gets to take a leak next to Bane.