Thursday, April 9, 2009

Allergy Update....and then some

For the last week, you would have thought I was in an allergy commercial. Except there were no bees or flowers around. But I have been sneezing my head off (20 sneezes at a time which is just maddening) and rubbing my itchy eyes (ooh, “iiiiitchyyy eyyes….”) and making odd sounds to try and ease the scratching at the back of my throat and in my ears.

Then, I broke down and bought Claritin.

Holy crap, that’s good stuff! I didn’t sneeze once yesterday!

And I was rifling through my purse yesterday to scrounge for change for the vending machine, I found seven generic loratadine tablets. I may have cursed a little. They were there the whole time I had been suffering.

Whatever. I have Claritin now.
Except I forgot to take it this morning. Still doing okay though.

And I have two, big cystic pimples on my face. I look like I'm in high school. Damn PMS.

I love my uterus!


Stephen Rader said...

I truly don't think I've ever sneezed 20 times in a row in my life! If you have to pee or pass gas at the same time, your body just might explode! So, be careful!!!! :)

Raechelle said...

Oh, those massive sneezing fits are scary. I end up inhaling really, really deeply and normally either hair (not anymore!) or tissue or both get sucked in there so for a moment I panic because I've got hair and tissue in my mouth and I can't see because my eyes are all teared up....

It sucks. I've never peed myself though. Farted, yes. Peed, no. It's quite entertaining.