Monday, April 13, 2009

Northwest Profiles

I’ve always wanted to tell you guys about the Northwest Profiles that Pemco insurance does, but I’ve never gotten around to it. Until today. Because I’m bored and I have nothing else to blog about right now.

So, Pemco has these commercials on TV and the radio. The announcer starts to describe a specific type of Pacific Northwestern, and at the end, the tag line is: “We’re a lot like you. A little different.”

I absolutely love these commercials. The profiles are right on and the announcer has such a great, sarcastic voice when describing them. He also does commercials for the Northwest Ballet, and I get so excited when I hear the beginning of those – I think it’s a Pemco commercial. But no. Just the stupid ballet.

Anyway, you have to check out the profiles. And when you click on some of them, there is an option to hear the radio ad or see the TV ad. They are well worth the time and energy it takes to watch/listen to them.

If I had to choose one to describe myself, it would probably be # 64 – Green Lake Power Walkers. That’s where Val, Rachelle and I walk most of the time. We don’t wear the spandex or the baseball caps, but we gab just like the announcer describes in the commercial. It’s one of my favorites.

That one and profile # 4 - 4 Way Stop, You Go. No, You Go. No, You Go. Guy.


So true.....

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Jason Davies said...

Ugh. I just watched the no you go guy commercial and looked up online stupid pemco commercials. Does pemco want to depict stupid drivers and are you one of the people who hold up traffic because they're too incompetent to know traffic rules. The person on the right goes. Don't hold up traffic thinking your being considerate. Your being dumb and so are these commercials