Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weekend Update - Now With 40% More Links!

Nichole emailed and asked how my weekend was, and I actually replied “So busy that I’m dreading writing a blog post about it.”

So why do I cram so much into a weekend if all it does is exhaust me?

I don’t know. I guess I feel like I can’t get much done during the week because of this stupid job thing, so we try to fit everything in on the weekend.

So this tells me that I need to quit my job. We’re much too busy for me to working full time. Sheesh.

Okay, weekend update.

Friday. Um.
Hang on….give me a minute….

Oh, right. Friday was Jamie’s birthday! (I actually had to go back and look at my own blog to see what happened on Friday. Sad, sad, sad….) We went to Quality Sewing & Vacuum, in Ballard, so that I could sell her on a Ricaar. Jamie was very impressed with the Ricaar’s beautiful colors, hepa filter and easily detachable power head. But then the little salestwit interrupted with her “selling” and as soon as she heard that Jamie’s apartment was a mere 500 square feet, she said, “Oh! You just need a stick vac!”

Ha! I laugh at stick vacs. Yes, they’re light and compact, but for those of us who love our attachments (and Jamie loves her attachments as much as I do), the stick vac is right up there with the Kirby. You have to damn near take the thing apart just to use your crevice tool. Well, we are busy women and we do not have time to break down our vacuums so that we can suck the dust off of our lampshades. Trust me.

However, Jamie is a polite person so she let the salestwit give her information on the Miele stick vac. But I think she’s still sold on the Ricaar Pristine. It’s just a matter of coughing up the oodles of money. Once that money is coughed up, though, that Ricaar will last her 20 years.

Man, I love vacuums.

Speaking of, I introduced Kayleigh to my vacuum. She’s used to using Todd’s Dyson, but we were upstairs and I keep the Ricaar upstairs (better for the hardwoods, I think) and the Dyson stays downstairs by the washer and dryer. So, Kayleigh was bored and I casually said, “Wanna use my vacuum?” Her face lit up and she said, “Sure!” So I showed her all the ins and outs and how to take the wand out of the power head and how to use the attachments. She was quite entertained. For about 15 minutes. Then the newness wore off and she wandered onto a new project. But I was a proud mama for those 15 minutes.

So where was I?
Oh. I only made it through vacuum shopping?
Talk about a tangent.

After vacuum shopping, Jamie and I had dinner at Moshi Moshi, a new sushi joint in Old Ballard. (Is there really such a thing as “Old Ballard” anymore? It all seems pretty new now.) Moshi Moshi was nice. Good food. Treated ourselves to a glass of champagne to celebrate the birthday. We thought about walking up to Volterra for dessert, but it was getting late and I needed to head home to take over childcare duties while Todd was at a play.

So, I dropped Jamie off and headed back to the West Side.

The kids were occupied, so it actually took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do. An unplanned free couple of hours? Oh my, the possibilities!! I choose to hog the big screen and watch a little Buffy.

Kayleigh eventually joined me, then Todd got home, so we all retired to our rooms to bed down.

Saturday morning.
Emerald City Comicon and Duo shoot.
Up at 7:00am and none too happy about it. I withered around, I whined, I demanded not one but TWO lattes. Todd was patient (being a parent comes in handy when dealing with me sometimes) and after I was in the shower, life started looking up. We were out the door by 8:00am and at the Convention Center at 8:30. And it only took one latte.

Emerald City Comicon.
Very interesting.

I felt a little plain, but I still made cute arm candy. I was again the script supervisor, but there were no lines in this scene, so I had an easy day. The actually filming took all of 30 minutes. The rest of the morning was spent wandering around and practicing my neutral face. As opposed to my oh-my-gawd-what-the-hell-are-you-supposed-to-be? face. I think I did okay.

And I got my caricature drawn by Todd's friend, Steve.

Yeah, I'm hawt.

We left the comicon at noon to have lunch with our peeps – Dan, Trish, Jess and Eric (the elusive Eric – Afriel in Ordinary Angels. I’ve met most everyone else from Ordinary Angels except Eric. So I told Todd I didn’t think he existed. Snuffleupaeric.)

After lunch, Todd and I made the excruciating trip up to Northgate to get birthday party supplies at Display & Costume. Some very intelligent people decided to close three of the four lanes of I5 on a Saturday afternoon. Brilliant!! Being familiar with the hood, though, we exited the parking lot of a freeway and worked our way up the back streets. Because we are AWESOME.

Let’s see, a little shopping for supplies, a fun wig for me (pics later, I promise) and then on to Macy’s to try and use up the rest of a Christmas gift card. And mission accomplished! We bought two new rugs for our bathroom. Yay!

We picked up one rug, both fell in love with it, thought it was perfect, then saw it was $85. On sale. Um, no. Not for something that goes on the floor and gets wet. No.

So, two cheaper rugs. And new sheets.

Back home to West Seattle, to regroup, then out for some much desired Mexican food. Then off to pick up one kid from Gavin’s to take her to an overnight, then apparently three kids, as Tyler’s friend Miles had joined them at game and Tyler didn’t want to stay, then just two kids as Tyler wanted to stay longer, but Miles needed to go home.

Whatever. Todd treated us to ice cream at the Husky Deli, so it’s all good. Literally.

We dropped Miles off, we dropped Kayleigh off, we went home to curl up and enjoy the silence of the house. I think I fell asleep before Tyler even got home.

And now, Sunday!
Want a pee break? That’s fine. I’ll still be here when you get back.

[Jeopardy theme]

Okay, Sunday!

Snoozed until 9am. Beautiful.

Then texted Val to solidify a plan, then up to get ready for said plan of the day.

And what a fantastic day it was. Sunny and blue skies. The temp hit about 70 degrees and the pale Seattleites came out in droves to soak up the vitamin D. And 80 percent of them were at Greenlake. Val, Rachelle and I walked the lake, then had some lunch. It’s been months since the three of us have gotten together for our walk. Val now lives in Kirkland with her fiancé and I’m out in West Seattle, so trying to coordinate schedules is difficult. Add the fact that Val is getting married in two weeks and Rachelle is now teaching classes and is on the board of her condo and well, maybe we’ll shoot for once a month rather than once a week now.

After lunch, I stopped by the Ballard Goodwill to drop off some stuff and shop around. Walked away with a cat toy and food dish. And that’s all. Crap.

Back home to piddle out in the yard with Todd and Kayleigh, then a big breakfast for dinner. Note to self – stop eating bacon at night. No good comes of it.

And then the nightly bedtime routines and then curling up and downloading and then finally, some much needed sleep.


Suffice it to say, we have not made a single plan for this Saturday. The kids will be volunteering at a gaming convention so Todd and I have the whole day to do nothing. May go on a picnic, may clean the office some more, may lay on the couch and pick our bellybutton lint.

I just hope it’s still sunny……

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